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I want to ride you, Reverse roles and lock hands while I’m Inside you, Appeasing desires that satisfy you hoping You feel the same as I do. Couples porn cam.
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“Fucky, Fucky, Neil?” I smiled and shook my head.
“Let’s have a look at the calendar, shall we, Yasuko?” Every Friday on the kitchen calendar was marked with a letter, either F or S. Alex duran mature.
It alternated between the two.
The F Fridays stood for Fucky, while the S Fridays stood for Spanky.
Of course, there were often Fucky, Fucky days during the week, but Spanky, Spanky days did tend to be confined to alternate Fridays.

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It so happened that this Friday was a Spanky, Spanky day.
I pointed at the bold S on the calendar.
Yasuko’s face fell.
“Spanky, Spanky!” I informed her, gleefully! She obviously wanted some Fucky, Fucky but we had a rule that on Fridays it was either one or the other, never both. Messy egg.
She looked upset as I picked up my blue leather-bound notebook.
I turned to the page covering faults observed during the last fortnight.
I sighed and tutted as I read some of the faults aloud, “Overspending, gossip, masturbation.
” Yasuko blushed and tried to look innocent. Hi speed dating.
It was wasted on me.
It had to be a hard Spanky, Spanky today.
“It has to be a hard ‘Spanky, Spanky’ today!” I informed her.
“Fetch the cane!” I didn’t use the cane much.
Often a hard hand spanking or a session with my reddish brown leather spanking strap sufficed. Free big tit granny movies.
But not today! Today I was feeling particularly sadistic and unforgiving.

The cheeks of my girlfriend would have to be beaten soundly by my faithful rattan rod.
It never, ever let me down.
“I said to fetch the cane, Yasuko!” There was a certain reluctance on her part. Amazing teen fuck.
That only confirmed to me that I had made the right choice in selecting the cane.
“Jump to it!” I ordered.
She returned looking sullen, holding the beautiful rod of correction in her sweet, manicured hands. Real tranny.
It was kept in a drawer of a dresser in our living room.
I oiled it regularly, to keep it supple and painful.
“Okay, upstairs, and get ready for me!