“No one,” he whispered.
“Tell Mommy, is there a teacher you want to fuck?” “Maybe,” he admitted, not making eye contact.
“Michael, I raised you to look a woman in the eye when you are talking to her,” I said, back in Mother mode. Deep throat cum in throught.
“S-s-sorry,” he apologized, looking into my eyes.
“Don’t be sorry son, be strong.
I need a strong man to be in control, not just in the bedroom, but in the household,” I explained, before adding, kissing him softly first, “You are that man. Hitachi anal squirt.
” “Ok,” he said, kissing me back with more force.
Breaking the kiss, I asked, “So is there a teacher you want to fuck?” “Yes,” he admitted, “Ms.

” “Your English teacher,” I smiled, before adding, “That explains a lot. Boob cheerleader 12.
” He shrugged, “It is just a fantasy.
” “So was fucking your Mother, before yesterday,” I pointed out.
He laughed, “That is true.
” “And what is less likely, plugging your Mother’s ass in her office, or getting your young pretty teacher on all fours?” I asked, making it more simply than it was. Sex date karlsruhe lea.
“Well, when you put it that way,” he smiled.
“I am not saying you should through her over her desk like a savage caveman, but nothing is impossible,” I pointed out, lowering back onto my knees.

Looking down at me, my son asked, “So you think getting Ms. Ebony strap onfuck boys.
Hughes is possible?” I shrugged, “Maybe, especially if she learns of just how big her smartest student is.
” “Mmmmmmm,” he moaned as I took his cock back in my mouth, hoping for another good fucking.
Michael became insatiable. Missyhot000 bangl free cams.
After the first couple of days of taboo mother-son sex, he couldn’t get enough.

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