Bongacams lesbi.

Bongacams lesbi.
like that, bolder.
Well, what did you find there? “, mom became interested.
“Oh, mom, I think you have stuck dried poop around here.

“the daughter stated.
“It is possible because Kaka does not go out.
Try, can you pull something out with your finger? “, Mother predlazhila.
“I will try.”
, said Lucy in response, and, having hooked a piece of shit with her nail, began to drag her to the exit from the anus.
After a few seconds, she managed to extract a black piece of shit about 4-5 centimeters long, which she showed to her mother.
“Well done, baby,” she praised her, “you see how suddenly I was locked up.
Throw this filth in the toilet, smear the enema tip with cream and put it on me in the asshole instead of your finger. ”
The daughter obediently got to her feet, opened the toilet door, threw a piece of mother’s feces into the toilet, then sat down again on her knees next to her mother, again took a tube of cream in her hands and started pressing it on the enema tip hanging above the floor this time.
Covering him with a thick layer of cream, the girl put the tip to her mother’s asshole and told her to pull again, which the woman willingly did, after which the daughter introduced the perdmet all the way into her mother’s outfit.
“Lucy, you act as a nurse-professional, you can’t even believe that you do an enema for the first time in your life,” praised her mother, “well, now open the tap on the hose.”
Lucy grabbed the faucet with two fingers of her right hand and began to twist it.
Since the device was new and not yet developed, the screw was turned around with difficulty, and the girl had to make quite a few efforts to move it from the dead center. Bongacams lesbi.

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