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you know, what I felt at that moment was impossible to convey, the terrible pain inside me, the involuntary tears in my eyes, frustration and emptiness.
And the unknown remained – WHY? I could not understand what was wrong and why.
and where so many sufferings, experiences

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sleepless nights.
I realized that I did not love you so much that I could suffer.
but nevertheless it hurt me and for almost 14 days I was in an incomprehensible state, when life meaning was lost, when I began to believe in something – it just burst like a soap bubble.
you left a scar in my heart.
Now, as time passes, I think that my egoism and lack of time have all predetermined our relationship.
only now I understand that I didn’t pay you enough attention and concentrated on my feelings, and not YOURS.
This is another lesson that taught me LIFE, I will learn.
on my mistakes, but I will no longer have a relationship with a girl, because I do not want! This is just my opinion and you did not affect it.
“stop drinking water and breathing.”
to be continued.
How does this care.
HER languid look.
her graceful hand, the fingers of which barely wrap a member of one of the guys.

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The second unit is a little thinner, but still also a decent sample.
How exciting it is to observe such actions of a person dear to me !! It seems that she only keeps her mouth made up with expensive lipstick, and the member enters into it with voluptuous sounds.
The second partner does not last long.
and taking her hand raises up and leads to a chair that is nearby.
Ksyushka, moving gracefully, moves to the chair.
sitting on his ass.
He lifts his dress and bends one leg at the knee, raises the other upward, as if clearing the way to his treasure.
These Men seem to me able to satisfy a woman together, giving her unearthly pleasure.
Now the one who stood literally not a lot for the time being, comes up to my excited wife, holding the cock out of the pants pants.
Ksyushka teases me even more now – moving her graceful handle along the shaft of the penis, squeezes her mouth a little, and then sticks out her tongue on which there is a lot of saliva and looking at me, without blinking, pulls it down on the penis head.
My blood pressure jumped even higher.
It’s just incredible how my darling knows how to do this and knows the little bitch that it can creep me up terribly.
Then, just holding her head a little, the guy starts to fuck her in the mouth.
The second, seeing that the belt makes it difficult to take off her panties just pushes them aside.
He sticks out his tongue and slowly holds it over her sexual lips.
now a finger penetrates her vagina.
sticks him back.
In the light you can see how his finger is moistened with its juices.
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