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Sveta laid her daughter down, went downstairs, threw a few pieces of wood into the fireplace and, moving the rocking chair closer to the fire, conveniently sat down with a glass of wine.

The daughter’s story very much aroused her, although she herself did not want to admit it, moreover she tried to convince herself that the story was completely immoral, but the arguments turned out to be too weak.
The more she thought about this topic, the more her panties got wet, the nipples loomed more clearly through the fabric of her robe, the mouth dried up more strongly, and even the wine did not help.
Sveta caught herself at the moment when her own hand pushed back the wet fabric, and a manicured finger sank into the pussy.
this is too much, – indignant at herself, threw the Light, – Here’s another, I will dream, as the boyfriend of his own daughter fucks me! A douche with a little bit brought down the excitement and

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drove away unwanted thoughts and thoughts.
However, the seed, if you can express it, doubts were sown, and, going up to the mirror, she heard her own thought: “I wonder if I can like him?”.
A few words about her, without going into the description: Svetlana is thirty-eight, in which she looks thirty.

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Two plastic surgeries (one on the chest, the other on the abdomen and hips), performed quite recently, corrected postnatal changes, plus the treatment of varicose veins in Germany, on top of that, also performed regular fitness classes and cosmetic visits.
With a trimmed ass of a young girl and a gorgeous breasts of the third and a half size, Sveta looked one hundred percent.
Its height is one hundred seventy-five, long legs emphasized a certain noble breed (maybe coarse, of course), at the end of the portrait: beautiful and strict facial features and blue-black hair, playing with tips on the lower back.
Zarebsya no longer think about Lizkin guy, Sveta came out of the bathroom.
In a short dressing gown, slightly dabbed wet body, under the glare of a dying fire, she looked amazing that Maxim, who was sitting in the hall in the same rocking chair, did not overlook.
Svetlana Viktorovna, – he said without hesitating, – Look super! Daughter all in you.
Sveta smiled and headed for the stairs, but Maxim jumped out of the chair and, holding out a glass of wine, addressed her again: Svetlana Viktorovna, I ask you to sit down, have a drink, talk.
Without waiting for herself, she took a glass, walked over to the sofa and sat down, bending her bent legs to her bottom.
Maxim took his glass from the table and turned the chair around, sat down opposite.
The conversation went wrong from the very first words, at first Maxim spoke a few words about himself, but very quickly and skillfully redistributed the initiative to Sveta, who began to talk about life with Lisa, about her own life, it came to the point that she began to tell about her novels, Oddly enough, it did not bother her at all. Hidden cam sexe.

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