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Fairy fluttered in the air, her four wings, like a large dragonfly, trembled behind her back.
A large butterfly, the color of the morning sky, tried to hold onto its left bare shoulder.
From the clothes on the Fairy was a light translucent cape, which, without hiding anything, made her even more sexy and desirable.

The lively rosebuds that adorned her beautiful breasts only emphasized the shape of the excited nipples.
Rusichka, with piercing blue eyes, in one fur cape, froze in the blow with a sword, enchanted by the Fairy’s magic wand.
The ring on the left hand of the warrior, clutching the murder weapon, sparkled in the rays of the midday sun.

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“Beauty!!! Written beauty !!! ”- the Fairy thought and, loving, kissed her on the cheek.

I was returning home from the village where we went with my girlfriend.
There I met her mother, brother and all relatives.
Nl urgent matters forced me to take the bag in my hands and after a couple of hours and lost nerves I was going to listen to the sound of the wheels of the cars.
Around hanging around a lot of people.
the train stops at each station.
I am bored and I notice a beautiful girl of 28 years old making her sit next to me.
all for the sake of interest no more.
but I am pleasantly surprised when she went to my place quietly asked – Do you freely? – yes, I answered of course. The face of the beautiful woman will be lit up with a smile and we continue our trip.
By arrival we exchange phone numbers.

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And besides, my fellow traveler has tarot cards – on which she made me a new acquaintance and has a hidden intimate relationship with a new acquaintance.
“Hello,” I say, “Can the light be?” – Yes, I hear it in response.
A few minutes later I meet her at my house and we, having jumped to the nearest store for a small snack, rise to my floor.
Passing through the door, she seems to accidentally touch me with her breasts while I feel her long swollen nipples slowly passing through my body.
Yes, the chest is gorgeous.
I can even feel the fat T-shirt.
then we sit down to drink beer.
Every time I see this in her eyes light sparks.
– Listen, and you remember that you guessed it yourself then on the train7 I asked – yes of course – well, and how it came together – no, not yet – but I think that I’ve already come together, I answer – I carefully look into her eyes.
In otvte, I hear no – but her hands take mine and I feel like they say yes dear yes – do you like massage? – I ask her – Yes, of course.
This is true.
We go to the hall where she laid out on the sofa is given to the power of my hands.
Then we go to bed – time 12 hours.
A little nap, I hear my new friend starts screaming in a dream.
I gently roll up to her and embracing her begin to kiss her face.
Suddenly, I get a vot of a kissing series of kisses that my dick leaps up like a horse and rests against her thigh.
I’m starting to feel how it starts.
And little by little, groping her tongue for her wonderful clit.
Mmmm she will, and pressing my head to her moves the pelvis.
I begin to lick her pussy while fingering her inside.
Oh – oooh screaming she let’s suck me don’t stop I want you to fuck me like the last bitch.
ducts of his dubina.
I get up and I feel her lips tighten on my penis.
It is great.
I have never tried such lips. I thought.
then we stand in the dog’s position start a crazy jump.
I alternately changing the tempo and the angle okhazhivayu her pizdochku while hearing how she repeats all the time – fuck me fuck I want to finish I want want want.
This lasts about 20 minutes.
I do not penetrate into anything. Jasmin cam chat.

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