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Cups of the corset were with a secret, visually making the already rather big chest even more.
There were flesh-colored pantyhose on her feet, which the girl also chose to take off, greatly embarrassed about this.
– And again draw.

But I have to explain.
By my request, I didn’t want to see you without clothes.
For me, more important than the other.
You did not imagine this morning that you would have to undress? You can not answer.
The answer is no.
But nevertheless put on a beautiful underwear.
I hope I do not need to explain why this is important? Sonia, tell me.
– It is really important for proper self-perception, confidence.
“And, of course, it also has a positive effect on work,” added Angelina.
– You are absolutely right.
And now I ask you to undress completely, and then explain to me why I ask it.
This request did not shock them.
They were really ready to still take off their blouses.
Both undressed routinely, even though their faces were filled with paint.
Angelina got up just dropping her arms along her body, but Sonya covered her most intimate place with one hand.
And I immediately understood why.
If the first one had a beautiful intimate haircut, then Sonya had real chestnut bushes on her pubic hair.
I asked her to remove her hand, and the girl reluctantly obeyed.
– So? “I think you wanted to see how our intimate zones are groomed,” said Angelina, “this is from the category of underwear.
– May be.
Sophia? – We wanted to understand whether we are really ready for anything.
– Hmm.
Both answers are wrong.
Maybe even think? “They just wanted to stare at us naked!” Sonya suddenly blurted out. “What is there to understand?” Take advantage of our desire to certainly get this fucking job.

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That’s what I think! And why the hell did I take? I am free? Can I dress? – Dress – yes.
But are you free, I have not decided yet.
– But I decided! Otherwise, what would your next wish be? Suck on you ?! – Would you do it? “What else!” She snapped, hurrying to dress.
Having put herself in order, she flew out of the office, slamming the door.
I immediately called the security and asked to detain the girl and take him to the meeting room.
“Can I dress too?” Asked Gelya, who had quieted down.
– What for? – But I was left alone.
So I passed.
– Who told you? You heard me say security.
Or maybe you, too, do not suit us.
– What should I do? – The question is, what are you ready to do? – I already answered.
– If I ask, will you give me a blow job? – Yes.
– And if I ask rudely? Suck me off? Answer full! – I’ll suck you.
– And let yourself fuck? – How do I get up? – And if I want to fuck you in the ass? – I do not like anal, but I will try not to disappoint you.
– Do you already want me? Are you already wet? Check it out.
– No need, and so I feel.
I am wet.
– Gel, are you a whore? – When necessary – I am ready to be a whore.
– Sit in a chair, spread your legs and jerking! She immediately executed this order.
The gel started to wind up, but I abruptly stopped it.
– Enough! Get dressed! And

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– congratulations.
You are accepted.
But not as a spokesperson, but as my personal assistant.
I just needed such a fundamentally unprincipled, intelligent and business girl with an excellent grip.
Salary will be no less.
But you have to work hard.
Exactly work! But sometimes.
Sometimes doing for me what we were talking about.
That is, if I say “suck”, you should fall on your knees without any words and suck.
Agree? – Yes Easy! Agree.
And what will happen to this? – With Sophia? She will be the press secretary, as she wanted.
But I don’t imagine how I’m going to apologize to her now.
– You can handle it.
– I think yes.
I looked at the gel.
She continued to sit in the chair, slowly caressing her clitoris with her fingers.
– Why don’t you dress? – I just thought.
Probably, you want to relieve tension? Imagine what you like after such an interview.
– Hmm. Jasmin live cam chat.

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