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I consider the combination “2 Mistresses + Slave” too banal.
But to call one of his lower ones so that she admires the slave in a humiliating way, or to engage with her strapon sex (flog the rod, do double fisting), who observes the mummified man with folded hands for prayer (or locked up naked on the balcony) or it is easy to communicate with a girlfriend, while a slave, brightly made up, in lingerie and a wig, with a vibrator sticking in the ass, does housework, or a simultaneous foot-fetish of a slave and slave is just what I like.
Perhaps because the strap-on two mistress – a slave, or group golden rain – it has become boring and does not cause any special emotions.

The trick is that the most humiliating things are not what is done with slave clients, but with those who come on call, not knowing what to expect, or those who are always on hand to humiliate at an unexpected moment. when he is completely unprepared for this.
“Did you look at my friend with lust?” Well, she will come to give you pleasure.
You see, she wants to go big, I think this is what you need.
Yes, do not twitch like that, all the same, you will not get out of it ”- moreover, to the one to whom the very idea of ??scrape is intolerable.
“You should learn to do well cunniling and foot-fetish.
Now the slave will come, I hope, you will transfer his skill, while it is better for you to be a spectator.

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sorry no one was on hand to torment.
so wanted !.
The fear of the victim attracts me, the HUNGER lives in me – a strong desire to cause pain.
but this pain is so sweet that you get drunk with it and you can no longer without it.
“Do you know how everything turned out? Listen up
Why I’m written about this, I have already explained: my duty is grateful to Femdomu and the primitive that you read in most of the statements.
Well, just for Femdomnuyu power hurt !.
A week passes, a month, no answer, no hello! Well, there can be no such thing, well, at least someone should like it! Silence.
And what do you think? After all, no one told me that in order to receive mail, you need to press down on the pipochka with the blue arrow.
And I do not know and wait.
What I changed my mind, you can imagine.
And from there! – the hour was loaded, the wheel with a radius spun like clockwork.
I’m already confused.
But everything is downloaded and what happened.
The first bunch – from the site owners, they say, well done, cool, write more.
But all in a very respectful tone.
Accept, inspired.
The second is horror and nightmare.
From men.
The tone is approximately like this: “dude, I’ve got it all right, but tell me how to do this with a woman, but so that she flattens and sausages in the end.
And so without Venus? And how thick on the gimp drag? Write specifically, chum, and where it is cheaper and where would a black woman with a strap-on take off. ”
I died.
I passed away.
Here, damn, the coach they found themselves !!!.
In the trash! The third bunch, I’m sorry, from the ladies! “Oh, women, the name of treachery to you!”.
We offer to meet, I liked.
your games, I want the same, but Ramina, you won’t believe them – half with this postscript: my services are 2 thousand. Livejasmin free private show.

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