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As it turned out, the city was like a native for him – while we were walking, he would tell something interesting about every street and cafe, drawing him into the wilds of Montmartre.
Deciding that since I’m in Paris, I should definitely try real French wine and offering the idea to Sergei, who was in favor, we bought a couple of bottles of Burgundy and, having decided not to delay, moved to the hotel to test this legendary drink.
Sitting in my room, drinking wonderful wine and admiring the views of Montmartre, made light with easy, relaxed and interesting conversation, I was almost completely happy.

The topic of conversation smoothly developed into a classic, for a male society, conversation about women, a strict but fair conclusion was drawn about the beauty and inconstancy of French women.
But what was more interesting was the incomprehensible growing interest in Sergey, I had never experienced such a feeling before, for a moment it seemed to me that this is what women feel when they realize that they want a man.
At some point, it seemed to me that he was experiencing something similar.
Putting these thoughts on the second, almost finished bottle of wine, I decided that it would not hurt to go into the shower to clear my mind, which I did, promising Sergei not to linger, to which he, in turn, promised to return with another bottle of wine.
Soft jets of the soul chatter on the head, pleasantly rolling down the body, but the wine of the bliss did not want to pass, just like strange thoughts.
Having decided to enjoy them, since I cannot get rid of them, I completely surrendered to my local waterfall and almost disconnected from the outside world.

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I was quickly forced back to return by the keen feeling that they were watching me — I turned reluctantly — I didn’t want to get out of this beautiful state, and saw absolutely naked Sergei standing opposite me.
I was also amazed by the situation, and what caused just a whirl of thoughts, his huge sticking out member – I just stood and looked at his member, he was beautiful – big, regular shape, with a big head.
My shame was mixed with surprise, indignation and excitement, although in the latter I could not even admit to myself then, because before that I could never have thought that I could be excited by the sight of a man.
Sergei, seeing a storm of emotions on my face, without saying a word, approached me, turned his back to him and, putting his hands on my shoulders, began to stroke my back with imperious movements, turning lower and lower.
At this moment I completely disconnected from reality and wanted only one thing – that he now began to blatantly paw my ass.
At that moment, I turned from a serious professional into a bad windy girl – I stuck my ass out to meet him, which I immediately received a biting slap that brought me even more, and I bent my back so much that my ass touched his cock.
It was indescribable – the feeling of a member on the ass brought me so that at that moment I was ready to surrender to this man all, without a trace.
Sensing this, Sergei abruptly turned me to him, pressed on my shoulders, forcing me to kneel down.
His huge cock hung right in front of my face, and I immediately eagerly pounced on

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him – I swallowed his purple head, walked with the tongue below from the head to the testicles, it was a special pleasure for me to swallow both testicles at once and play with them inside the tongue.
I was completely absorbed by his dick, but suddenly I found that his hand was on my nape.
Having understood the hint, I tried to take his whole member in my mouth, because of the size I did it with difficulty, but then Sergey just started to hammer me with his monster in his mouth – at that moment I realized that I was on the verge of an orgasm from the sensations that had captured me . Loriblu bongacams.

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