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I wrap her breasts, squeeze her nipples, and we begin our last jump.
I crush her breasts, gag my nipples, bite them one by one and at the same time.
She begins to cum, and ends as if this is the last orgasm in her life.

She digs into the pillow under my head and I finally can not stand it.
I was overtaken by an orgasm of unimaginable power, which came at the very end of her madness.

I begin to mercilessly drill her member, trying to penetrate as deep as possible.
I grab her ass and stick my ejaculating seed member, begin to growl like a wild beast and finish, finish, finish.
Then we lie under the covers and stroke each other.
I stroke her back and sides, her ass, I feel her unimaginable heat.
For a moment in this life, we are together and happy, wondering where we were before? Part 2.
Double barrel for two I did not know then that this would be our last date.
However, probably, it should be so.
It was the peak of our sexual insanity.
It could hardly have been better that time.
The apotheosis of the relationship.

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And if I knew, I probably would have done everything as well.
We were together making love.
It was slow and gentle sex.
I walked in, catching her breath with my mouth.
I felt with my dick every fold of her vagina, I felt how my dick rested against her uterus.
But this was not enough for her: – Scold me, dear! – Do you like how my dick enters you, fuck? How does he break your twat? – and I give a strong blow to the member.
She gasps.
– You’re a bitch! – another blow.
Now I speak rhythmically, with an arrangement, and she responds with every groan to my every blow.
– Fuck with broken cunt! Davalka! Cunt ragged! I’ll fuck you all! – More more! I’m fucking! Ebi me! Hurt me! – Bitch! Now I tear her to the fullest.
I throw her legs on my shoulders and continue to fuck despite her screams.
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