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His head was shaved and a tattoo of a strangely curved tree was visible on the back of his head.
Behind this man were two huge wielders with batons in their hands.
I refuse our agreement! Here is the money I

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received from you, take it and leave! Old man, do you really think that guilds need your money? We had a deal, remember? Eighteen years ago, you received money from us for raising your business, and in exchange for this, you had to give us your daughter when she reached the right age.

The time has come.
From these words, Ardenta’s heart beat faster, and she sighed a little louder than she should have.
A man in a blue suit, as if possessing some kind of inhumanly delicate ear, instantly turned around and saw Ardent said: And here is what we need.
It’s good that you yourself came, but I already thought to turn around this whole klopovnik.
Take it guys.
One of the brigands, who seemed extremely clumsy, in the blink of an eye, was behind the girl’s back, and throwing her over her shoulder, dragged her to the cart, which was standing happily.
The second bruiser, stood between his master and Ardenta’s father, holding back an old man who was eager for battle.

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Ignoring it, the man in blue got into the wagon and ordered the driver to get under way.
Well – he turned to Ardente – it’s time for you to get acquainted with the laboratories of the Simic Guild!
One young witch lived in a dense forest in the Ehn region.
Her hut was old but warm and strong — only floorboards squeaked.
She lived alone, she had a lot of friends, but all the animals were different: either the boar would visit her – she would dig up the garden, then the Beks would jump and sow, and that was all year round.
She had not heard human speech for a long time; , a month, a year in advance to find out.
And also a whole chapter of gymnastic exercises for daily obligatory performance.
But at the very end there was a section with pictures that the young witch could not read at all – as she opened it on the necessary page – the pictures dissolve and the letters scatter – and there is nothing.
Grandma said that this part of the book would not open until spring 16, and that was how she lived in her forest.
Lost like a good fellow in that forest.
He himself was a stately daring man, and the horse underneath raced the damask under him, and a storm arose, the trees began to spin, the fellow flowed from the sky and strayed.
He walked like that for three days and three nights with his horse, and in the middle of the night came upon a fire in the hut.
The good fellow knocked on the window, and the young witch opened the window to him.
She opened the door, got drunk, fed the tired traveler, steamed in the bathhouse and put to sleep. Solo squirt webcam.

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