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By the nature of work, he was admitted to many “holy places”.
Type: full data on employees of the company, data on customers, including personal.
Partially, to the “black turnover” of goods and cash.

He was in good standing with the authorities, was subordinate only to the director, and her husband, who are the founders of the company.
Especially my shares rose when he unwound a fraud, one of the storekeepers and a manager working at the firm and returned the money.
I am not the Ministry of Internal Affairs, I don’t give a damn, on the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, my business is a refund! In general, they were fired, except for the interest they gave me a premium, they gave me a nine, which I drove.
By proxy, with the right of sale, and transferred TCP, to her.
Although gasoline and repairs, still, paid for “office”.
On the vacant place of the manager, came a young guy, my same age.
And to the warehouse, they took a woman, 35 years old, divorced, but having a son of 6 years.
Warehouse silenced.
I was informed that from the warehouse the storekeepers again began to “carry out” the goods, and, respectively, the stolen goods to carry home.
Had to go in an ambush! I stayed for two days, but to no avail.
On the third day, got “fish”! New storekeeper.
There was a problem.
Time later, the warehouse is already closed.
Well, I designed it on the spot,

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inside the car.
“Carried away” withdrew, forced herself to write, “a confession,” and an explanation addressed to the director, and released.

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Honestly, the “catch” was not great.
So a trifle, but on dismissal was enough.
Since I was a person, far from accountable, I didn’t say accordingly to anyone.
It will be done, tomorrow, I will go to the warehouse stolen, and I will inform the director.
And she, let him decide! In the evening, over a beer, it was time to think.
I decided not to hand her over to the mercy of the director, but to bring her to work.
“My people”, are always in stock! Well, perhaps with the involvement of the implementation, several specific services.
She is a woman, I am a young man, and even without a constant girlfriend.
Yesterday I looked at her close.
Not big, good butt, well, really, the breasts are 1-2 size no more, but quite so! Old as the world.
Simple blackmail.
All special services are engaged in this.
I had a good teacher at the old job.
Colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, senior operational officer, retired.
Earlier, I saw her own business.
There are no other incomes, except work, specialty, no additional.
And if, dismissal is for theft, and I could arrange it, then she will not find work, or will not find it soon.
But for the final decision you need to talk with her.
Her name is Olga.
I think the middle name you do not need.
In the morning I drove straight to the warehouse.
There, under the unloading, there were wagons and all the storekeepers, except for one, were on cargo acceptance.
By the way, after the incident with the storekeeper and the manager, I claimed for myself that the office was in a warehouse.
Nothing special, room 2, 5 by 4 meters, but without a window.
Desk, telephone, computer, safe, kettle and sofa.
I felt that it was useful.
Although the tabletop, in which case, too suitable.
Seized brought into the office, the benefit no one got in the way.
He hid the documents in the safe and went to the acceptance of the goods.
I saw Olga there.
Once again examined it, in the light of day.
It was evident that her soul is not good.
The face was swollen, as if she was crying all night long, the movements were sharp, breaking down, on loaders. Teen squirt live.

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