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The only unusual feeling this time is grease.
She was more slippery, making the sensation more acute.
Alex moved to meet trying to take as much as possible.

-I like crap! Of course fresh sperm instead of lubrication is always better.
Now it will be your natural lubricant, today I will teach you to take it in yourself.
It will lubricate you, irritate the walls of your anus causing a desire, teach you the feeling of obedience rubbish! This lesson will be your last.
Now you are the host.

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This is my sentence to you.
Mentor stopped took out the phallus and Alex felt that the drops flow down his thighs.
-No, no, no, I can’t.
In Alex’s head everything turned upside down, his thoughts were numb.
We go further, further hole.
You will go all for humiliation.
Mentor slowly introduced into the ass butt plug.
Then she put the ball in Alex’s mouth, tightly tightening a belt on the back of his neck.
Stay and listen to me while your ass gets used to new sensations.
Animal fear, humiliation from his position paralyzed the will of Alex.
Last thoughts left his head leaving only the place of sensations.
He felt that the rolls spread apart by the anal plug, wet from his new lubricant, could not close, the plug pressed on the long-swollen gland eager for discharge, everything inside was burning and pulsing.
And Alex gave up.
Something inside began to shrink, spreading sweet waves all over his body, he bent and groaned.
If before all the excitement was concentrated on the penis, now he was all in awe of the sweet vibrations pouring from his ass.

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Yes, I want, I want, I can not tolerate.
I want a mentor, I ask you to let me work your ass.
Quickly, however, you gave up! The tutor’s voice sounded like a solemn one.
In an hour you will be prepared and taken to the forest.
As I said, your job is to appease the customer.
True, our clients are pleased with the girls, and you have to work not entirely with the client.
I have not told you everything, so that you would not forget your head ahead of time.
Before us, only islanders lived on this island.
They are not quite ordinary people.
That they own the source.
Now we have an agreement with them, they allow us to work here, we supply them with live goods for entertainment.
That is, like you.
Girls, they do not take something from them with this taboo.
This will be your job.
We will take you to them for their pleasure.
They will have you Hole.
You’ll like it.
I prepared you well, and you yourself feel it.
Do not be afraid of anything, it is not scary.
They really are a bit large, but you can.
The teacher giggled.
My advice, take in more grease, usually the largest will be the last.
Our friends will find you by smell.
For them, this is a signal.
He excites them.
Give yourself completely and you will like it.
Alex was brought to the forest and tied to four pillars, leaving him to stand on all fours and move only a little.
The place where everything should happen, Alex thought, and his stomach ached, whether from fear or from lust.
The booty was wet, the sperm introduced by the teacher was dripping and dripping constantly moisturizing the entrance.
The bushes rustled and Alex started.
Footsteps were heard, someone eagerly pulled the air out and exhaled.
The steps approached and someone was behind Alex.
Alex was afraid to turn his head down and tried to examine the guest.
What he saw made his breath stop.
Behind it stood a real Satyr, how it is painted in books.
Flat nose, horns, shaggy goat legs and what about it? Between the legs of the wool he began to grow in front of a very impressive member. Webcam anal videos.

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