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Aislinn’s vision dimmed, and everything went black.
Aislinn woke in her room, with Dalton’s concerned face looming over hers.
“Oh God, Aislinn! I’m so sorry.
” “What happened? How did I get here?” Dalton explained that he had followed where he thought she had gone, worried the man was planning something terrible. Black ebony bbw porn.
He heard her call him, and he ran into the room, where he pulled the man off of her and managed to restrain him until help came.
“You don’t have to worry, that guy is gone.
The Duke escorted him to the door and threw him out. Funny sexy porn videos.
I told them I would stay with you until you woke,” said Dalton.

Aislinn sat up slowly, with tears in her eyes and replied, “I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t come.
” Dalton couldn’t help but notice how pretty she was, even upset, and how her torn dress barely covered the edge of her breasts. College guy looking for cougar to chat.
He knew that it was not the time, not now.
“I drew you a bath.
I figured you may have wanted to wash.
Call me when you’re dressed, and I will come back in to empty it out.
I’ll be waiting right outside.
You’re safe now, take your time. Chat arabic sexe.
” Dalton got up off the bed and headed out the door.

Aislinn stripped, grateful for the bath.
She wanted to wash away the awful feel of that man.
As she started to scrub her body, she thought of Dalton outside. Free sxy cam2cam.
There was only one man she wanted, one man to come and caress her, help her get rid of the other man’s touch.
She knew what she wanted to do.
Dalton leaned his head against the door, more shaken up than he cared to admit. Midget teen girl.
If she hadn’t screamed, if he hadn’t been there…the gut-wrenching possibilities were endless.