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As they began to drift off, he kissed the back of her head and gave her a gentle hug.
He had no idea how long they had been out, but when he awoke, his dick was hard again, wedged into the cleft between those cute little buns of hers. Zannie girls around.
“Oh good, you’re awake,” she giggled, wiggling her ass against him.
“And it feels like your … cock … is awake, too.
” Another wiggle.
“Are you sure that you want to do this? It will hurt more than when I fucked your pussy. Shemale date jacksonville.
” “Yeah, that did hurt a little, but it was a good hurt, and it went away pretty quickly.
” She paused.
“Besides, I think we need to.
” She reached back and started stroking his cock.
“When we were sleeping just now, the only bad girl dream that I had was about, what did you call it, anal sex? Into her cunt. So I’m only two-thirds cured.
We need to finish what we started.
” Bill couldn’t argue with that logic, so he reached into the nightstand and took out a tube of lube.
He had to laugh to himself.
If he had to guess, it would be that a large majority of priests had one in their nightstand. Stream free vampire porn.
“What is that for?” “Well, Mary, anal sex is a little more complicated.
Your pussy has its own natural lubrication, which is why I was able to enter you without it hurting too badly.

Your ass, as cute as it is, doesn’t. Xxx hot spot free scandal.
So, I’ll put some of this lubricant on my dick, and some in your back hole, and then I can get in more easily.
” “If it is so complicated, and hurts, then why do people do it?” she asked.
“Well, it isn’t for everyone. Brande roderick dating.
And, we don’t have to if you’re afraid.
” But while those words came out of his mouth, his libido was screaming Yes! Please say yes! “I think that I need to do this; for my soul,” she solemnly replied.
Relieved, Bill handed her the lube. Fucking movies hardcore gangbang.
“Okay, then you can spread this on me and then I’ll spread some in you.
” Mary squirted some onto her hand and began to massage it all over his rod.
It felt heavenly, and he was seriously thinking about just getting a hand job and shutting down the whole idea of anal when she said, “All done. Who is johnny depp dating october 2016.

” She handed him the tube, then got on all fours.
She lowered her chest to the mattress, jutting her perfectly formed ass up, and then reached back and spread her pale, firm cheeks; making her rectum fully available. Dirty teens.
“Like this? This is what I saw Patsy do in the video.
” Bill kneeled behind her, admiring the delicately puckered entrance before spreading her legs a little wider.
“Just like that,” he answered.
He covered his middle finger with lube, and then put a glob of the lube on the finger-tip and slowly pushed it against her anal opening. Hot naked slutty girls facial.