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That made me smile – a pussy over her pussy! Very Sue! Leaning in, Sue kissed Ted long, slow and deep, running her right hand over the bulge in his pants as she did so.
Mel now had Ted’s arm wedged between her breasts and her left hand was smoothing his left upper thigh. Rafaeli dating.
When Sue finally broke off the prolonged kiss she breathed, “How would you feel about being seduced by two sexy ladies, Ted?” “Ecstatic,” Ted husked, having trouble with his breathing.
“Good,” Sue murmured throatily, unfastening his shirt and slipping her hand inside to massage his chest before moving her hand down to unfasten his belt and unzip his fly. Free girl sex 48001.
Sliding her hand inside his shorts, she grasped his stiff cock and massaged it gently, then stood up swiftly, undid the wide belt at her own waist and the last secured button above the belt, let her dress slide from her shoulders to the floor and posed briefly to allow Ted to admire her gorgeous, voluptuous body.

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She certainly had me as hard as a rock! Her black lace bra was both miniscule and transparent, a mere garnish for her huge, dark-nippled breasts.
Around her waist she wore a black lace garter belt, supporting black fishnet stockings reaching to just below her Grade-A ass. Xxx phone personals dodge city.
The tiny black satin panties had a thong back, showing that ass off to perfection, while the stockings and heels did the same for her lovely legs.
She bent from the waist to grasp the waistband of Ted’s pants and, with Melanie’s assistance, pulled them off, then repeated the process with his undershorts.

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The two girls then removed his shirt between them, leaving Ted naked on the couch.
Sue flicked the elastic at the top of her panties with her thumb and suggested, “You might want to get me out of these, honey!” Ted leaned forward, hooked his thumbs in either side of her panties and slid them down her legs to the floor. Mr platinum pornos.
Sue stepped daintily out of them, then stood astride Ted’s legs to push his face gently into her dense, curly, dark-brown pubic hair and allow him to inhale her unique feminine scent.