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As she spoke the air around them almost hummed with energy and her words took on a deep eerie echo.
As she finished speaking she grasped his hips to hold him firmly in place and nicked the base of his cock with one of her fangs, mixing the couple of drops of blood with some that she got from biting her own lip she used her long tongue to paint a ring around the base of Kal’s penis. Home sex video chat.
When the sides of the circle came together all of the built-up energy in the room seemed to rush into his groin.
His cock appeared to glow for a moment before everything returned to normal, the ring disappearing as the spell completed. Looking for two bear delaware or best friends.
Kal tried to pull away now that fear was no longer rooting him in place, but Ikuno held him firm.
She spoke a few more words, less powerful but still strange to the young farmer, then licked the wounds she had made on his penis as well as her lip, both of them closing and healing over without a trace.

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Kal’s eyes were wide and he was visibly shaking when Ikuno finally let him go, “What!?.
What did you do to me!?” he said in a voice that bordered on hysteria.
Ikuno rolled over and took in the shaking boy, immediately regretting not letting him in on her plan. Sharday langdon on dating.
She got off the bed and stepped towards him, “Kal, I’m sorr…” Wild-eyed, Kal backpedaled away from her looking towards the cavern exit.
Before he could bolt, her hand shot out and grabbed his arm pulling him into her embrace. Sirena14 sexwab cam.
Kal’s entire body stiffened with fear.
“Be calm Kal,” she whispered stroking his head and back, “I didn’t do anything bad to you, I was just so excited that I forgot you have no experience with magic.

Relax and I’ll tell you about your new gift. Free see my nude wife.
” Over the next few minutes, Kal slowly relaxed in Ikuno’s arms until with a shuddering sigh he slumped into her chest.
“I think I’m okay now,” he said.
“You continue to surprise me, farmer boy,” she said with a smile. Funny reaganisms.
“I didn’t think you would recover that quickly.
Now, as for the spell, would you like me to explain it to you, or just show you? I’ll give you hint: showing you will be a lot more fun.
” “I could use some fun right now,” he replied. Ukrainian sex chat group.
“Good choice!” she picked him up and laid him on the bed, Kal already knew she was strong but wasn’t sure he liked being manhandled so easily.
“First things first,” she said then bent down and took his now soft cock into her mouth, worries about being manhandled winked out of existence as his member disappeared behind her soft lips.

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Ikuno bobbed up and down as her tongue swirled around Kal’s quickly growing prick, in moments she had brought him back to full hardness.
“Now, watch carefully,” she said as she got on the bed and swung a leg over to straddle his hips, his hard cock now pointed directly up at Ikuno’s pussy. Ananda lewis and maxwell dating.
“I really enjoyed having you inside me earlier, but I’m a big woman so I like things a bit more my size.
” Kal’s eyes widened as his penis suddenly grew and thickened into something more appropriate for his Oni companion. Short film gay.
Ikuno rubbed her nether lips over the head of his cock getting him lined up with her entrance then slowly slid down his, now considerable, length.