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“Harry,” I whispered to him over my shoulder, “please put your cock in there.
But slowly at first.
” He lined the head of his penis with my hole.
I tried to relax as he pushed the head in.
At first there was resistance, but with a pop it went in. Ass in jeans perfect.
There was a little pain, but not nearly as bad as I had feared.
He stopped his inward movement to let me relax.
The pain subsided, to be replaced by a sensation that was entirely unique and new to me.
Slowly and gently, a little at the time, Harry resumed pushing his cock in. Femdom toilet slave contract stories.
It was not long before I was pushing back to meet his strokes.

There was still a little pain, but it only added to my pleasure.
Soon he had his full length in, and he stopped again, letting me get used to it. Porn star fox big tits.
“Are you ready?” he asked.
“Yes, Harry please.
I need my ass fucked.
” By then, I really wanted it badly.
He fucked my ass with long slow strokes which I met by pushing back.
One of his hands went back to rubbing my clit, and he had a handful of my hair with the other. Bisexual chat el salvador.
Soon, I was begging to be fucked harder, and to my surprise, I was having orgasms from this.
Harry pulled harder on my hair, and with a grunt pushed into my bowels as far in as he could go.

I felt in his hot cum spurt into me, which sent me over the top for a final, mind blowing, earth shattering orgasm. Passing the piss test.
We were both completely sated.
The rest of the afternoon was spent cuddling, caressing and pillow talk.
Before leaving, we had another ‘quickie’ and I took him in my mouth one last time to milk him dry and soft. Free swinger porn stories.
Our time together had come to an end, at least for that day.

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