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“Yes honey?” Henry looked up at his curvaceous wife and Jafari who had his arm around her.
Henry could feel a drop of precum drip from the tip of his penis as he was so turned on.
“Jafari is my new black master, and I would like for you to show him the proper respect by giving his big manhood a kiss,” Holly told her husband who gulped. Livechatfreesex.
Though Henry had done this once before on the island, it felt a bit more humiliating now that John was sitting right next to him.
“Oh… okay.
” Henry gulped again.
As Henry stood up, his beer belly made a small flop. Milf steaming videos.
Looking over at Holly, he couldn’t help but feel a bit weak when he kneeled down in front of Jafari.

“Ehm, is it okay?” Henry held his hands up to Jafari’s loincloth as he looked up at Jafari.
Jafari nodded that it was okay. Gangbang slut lick penis and anal.
Henry slowly undid his loincloth, slowly revealing his heavy eleven-inch black cock.
Henry made sure to keep Jafari’s loincloth in his hand, as it would be disrespectful for him to just lay it on the ground. Niggers suck dick.
Oh, my god… Holly gently ran her teeth over her lower lip, smiling excitedly as she saw the sheer size of his cock.
She hadn’t expected him to be that big.

Though Jafari was ripped, he had a rather thin build, which made his big cock look even bigger. Sexchat tayping.
Every time Henry saw a black man’s cock, he felt so inferior as a man, knowing that his own penis wasn’t even comparable to Jafari’s.
Henry gulped again, as he slowly leaned over and puckered his lips.
He felt his lips against the big bulbous cock head, as he kissed it. Watch sex webcam free no registering.
“Ehm, thank you for letting me worship your manhood.

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