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He was tall, thin, with a nice build.
He had an infectious smile which reminded me of Will Smith.
The nurse remained silent as Jerome explained that he would be administering a ‘barium enema’ and talking some radiographs to determine if there was any blockage that might be causing my abdominal discomfort. Waxing facial hair regrowth.
I had never had an enema before, and was quite apprehensive of the entire procedure.
Jerome showed me the nozzle that would be inserted in my anus.
The nozzle was about ?” thick.
Jerome showed me that the nozzle had a bulb that would be inflated once inside me to prevent me from involuntarily expelling the nozzle or the barium solution. Township red lick miss.
He pumped the bulb a few times as I watched in amazement as it grew several inches in diameter before my eyes.
I do not know why, but the very sight of this bulb expanding, knowing that it would soon be expanding in my tight little bottom aroused me slightly. Non porn bondage tubes.
I watched as Jerome, released the pressure from the bulb and allowed it to deflate.
I began to understand the sexual nature of the procedure that I was about to ‘endure’.
I sat there on the table, wearing nothing but a thin hospital gown that covered little, while I listed intently.

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I was too nervous and embarrassed to ask any questions.
I simply nodded as I tried hard to keep my leg together and not expose too much flesh.
I realized that I was squeezing my legs together slightly and stimulating my clitoris between my thighs. Tower grove park gay.
I amazingly, I found this entire absurd situation somewhat stimulating.
I realized my nipples had grown erect and were poking out visibly under the thin flannel material of my gown.
I was concerned that I might actually start lactating right there in front of Jerome and the ‘unnamed nurse’. Vagina de britney spears.
I also became aware of my pulse in my clitoris as the technician casually spoke to me about the nozzle he was going to insert into my anus; how he planned to inflated a ‘balloon’ inside me to prevent me from expelling anything; and the details of the solution he was planning to pump into my rectum. Lesbian erotic stories young.

“Do you have any questions?” Jerome asked as he finished his detailed description of my pending procedure.
“Does this hurt?” was the only question I could think of.
I felt stupid as I heard me ask it.
I knew it would not ‘hurt’, but I felt compelled to ask something. Army policy on dating minors.
There will be no pain at all.
You will feel a fullness that some people find uncomfortable, some people find pleasant and relaxing.
If you start feeling very full, and start feeling a strong urge to relieve yourself, trying breathing heavily and fast, similar to how you might control contractions during a delivery during pregnancy. Amateur slut tit.

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