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I had walked into a small room where we keep all the printer paper for our copy machines, which is more like a large broom closet.
Coincidentally, Enrique was in there grabbing some stacks of paper, too. Meet n fuck real.
We started chatting, but this time Enrique started asking me more questions about my personal life: how old I was, how far away my school was, and even if I had a boyfriend.
I was slightly surprised, but didn’t really mind.

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After all, I’d wanted something like this to happen for the past two years! As the minutes ticked on, I swear Enrique was positioning himself closer to me.
My heart was beating insanely fast as I imagined all the things I wanted to do to that sexy Mexican. Local amateur sex portland maine.
Every word that rolled off his tongue was coated in his hot accent, and his devilish smile was making me so horny.

At one point, we were standing so close that our arms started brushing up against one another’s, and it was like a bolt of electricity had struck me. Shemale solo sprays.
A second later, though, one of our other coworkers walked in, and Enrique quickly took a few steps back away from me.