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After a moment of silence, I heard Helen say, “Are you quite finished looking?” I looked up saw she was grinning like a cat.
I stuttered “Oh! Oh, sorry Helen.
” “Can I have a closer look at your… COCK now?” she calmly whispered. Nevada adult personals.
I contemplated her request, thinking to myself, well the room is locked and it’s only fair considering she had been so accommodating so I lifted by bum off the bed slightly.
Helen stared at me questioningly so I responded “Well if you want to have a good look you better pull my pants down. Validating checkboxes in asp net.
” Without any further encouragement, she grabbed my pants at the waist and pulled then down past my knees.
Helen then sat forward slightly and surveyed the scene in front of her.
My legs were slightly apart, enough so my balls hung down between my inner thighs.

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I looked up at Helen’s face to see she is staring at my cock and balls not so much in a ogling way but more like an engineer inspecting a new piece of machinery.
Her eyes and head moving to examine every inch of its make-up and design. Female squirt orgasm video clips.
“Well are you going to touch it?” I confronted Helen who immediately reacts with a stunned look on her face.
“I can touch it? Can I?” she replied looking straight up into my eyes.
“Well hell I guess so considering we have gone this far you may as well!” I responded, to her look of bewilderment. Free phone chat jacksonville florida.
Helen then calmly remarked “Trevor, I will be careful”.
Just as she was about to place her index finger on my cock, it pulsed involuntarily and reared up about 15 degrees.

Helen’s hand retracted, as she sat bolt upright and let out a little squeal, and then she started to giggle again. Fetish nylon photo.
“What was that for, how did you do that?” she inquired quickly.
“Oh Helen you have a lot to learn about boys.
Sure I can make my cock bounce or jump if I try hard enough but sometimes there are involuntary movements. Togo dating man site.
” I explained.
“So I had something to do with that as well!” she responded with a cheeky grin.
I smiled at her and then quickly she returns to her investigation.
Cautiously, Helen’s hand made its way to my shaft and she started slowly to trace just one finger along the side of my cock; finding her way from the base of my cock up to the circumcised scare just below my cock head, then she used fingers from both hands to encompass my cock gently, stroking the complete length. Sexxxx on the beach.

For a novice she is certainly skilled as her gentle touch caused a tension and increasing sexual pleasure through my body.
“Oh Helen, that is so good.
” She looked me in the eye and replied, “So you like that do you Mr Trevor?” I immediately noted a sudden change in her demeanor she was now the explorer or investigator determined to discover all that there was to know about her new found jewel. Ebony slut blowjob dick orgy.
I reflected and thought to myself, “This is the first opportunity she has had to explore the object that had troubled and eluded her for so long, there is going to be no stopping her now.
” As her confidence grew, handling her new article of fascination, Helen began increasing her exploration in both pace and region. Potter twins nude.
She circled my cock with her hands.

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