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And then Natalie just finished the exercises and told me to prepare for the fight.
We put beds of unknown karemats from somewhere and turned against each other.
Looking at my springing penis when moving, Natasha carnivately licked and smiled.

From the outside, it must have looked terribly ridiculous: two adults with higher education each stand in wrestling suits and shine with their bare genitals.
But we did not care, the primitive instinct awoke in us.
Despite the fact that the occupation was clearly stupid, it all turned on terribly, it was interesting.
I decided right away that I would yield to Natasha, I’m all bigger and stronger than her, and my task is not to win at all.
But my wife was not a blunder – only we grabbed each other by the shoulders and began to fight, as she deftly twisting, made me lose my balance.

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I fell on my four limbs, good, without hitting the fifth sticking far away.
Only I was going to seize the initiative, as the wife, without losing time, became right beside my head and clasped it with my legs, forcing me to bend down to the floor.
While I was thinking about how I would free myself and take revenge on her, Natasha, strongly slapping my ass, gently grabbed and stroked the tight bag of my eggs.
I jerked at the touch and, grabbing my wife by the ankles, pulled me toward me.
Natalie, too, could not resist and fell right on her plump ass, immediately dodging, crawled away from me on all fours.
Looking at the rolling buttressing bare buttocks, I with a roar pulled Natashka by the leg to me, intending to move from the game to the game itself, but the deft spouse otbrank from me, barely hitting the face.

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Having lost control of the situation for a second, I noticed that my wife was already up and about to attack again.
She was beautiful – her hair was gathered in a ponytail, her heavy breasts were about to tear the fabric of her tights, fluid glitters on her plump thighs — either sweat or lubricant.
The pulsation of my “fighter” resounded loudly in my head.
While I was getting up, Natasha rushed at me.
We again clutched at the shoulders, and then I decided to go to the trick, I sharply grabbed the leotard tights and pulled them down, forcing Natasha to let me go.
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