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Last time, the story of the beginning of Sasha’s career Kolovorotov, albeit a young merchant, and who had a concept, told about his unexpected adventure.
He didn’t touch papa’s capitals, and squandered, as he met the blyadchenki from the old woman’s mess and stuck with them with all his heart.

The old woman turned out to be an intelligent woman, a few people indicated a den, so Sasha became the master of sovereign power.
In the winter, Agrippina Perfilievna, as the old woman was called, got chilled somewhere, started coughing and brought her to the churchyard by February.

The owner of Shalman became Egoza Yurka.
It was here that the main Sasha adventures began.
In order not to spend much on metresok, Sashenka realized inviting his friends, young and dissolute merchants, to visit.
The money they paid regularly, the girls had enough, slowly and Sasha woke up interest in the case.
The old woman sold the shack to a visiting tailor from Zhytomyr for a pittance, and the girls were transferred to a new pink house with a mezzanine, which was located just at the corner of Preobrazhenskaya and Troitskaya, opposite Mr.

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Lavrov’s restaurant.
In order not to cause discontent with a policeman, a sign appeared on the fence of the house: “Sewing workshop.
Lingerie and lace.
Knitting for ladies. ”
To avert the eyes of the morning, the girls sat with sewing at the window and were chasing tea from a bucket samovar, the main life began in the evening, when men, one or two people, began to approach the fancy house.
During the evening there were not very many of them, 5-6 people.
But this was quite enough for the girls to know nothing of need, since the guests were from merchants.
Attracted by the fact that for connoisseurs, the house has always been paratroyka tselochek, and the rest of the whores have already become skilled in games with men.
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