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Olya saw her face through her eyelashes.
On the face of the little girl was an expression of utter confusion and, at the same time, intoxicating curiosity.
Olga was ready to deliver three more days, that the girl in life had not seen anything like this in person.

Nastya pulled away from Oli’s neck for a few seconds and smiled mysteriously at the girl, keeping her lips parted.
She stuck out the tip of her tongue and held it to the very edge of her lips, looking encouragingly at the little girl.

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The same one, catching this look, turned red and, sharply turning one hundred eighty degrees, ran out of the courtyard without looking back.
And Nastya, laughing bitterly, returned to the neck of her girlfriend.
Ole was monstrously ashamed.
For myself.
For your behavior.
It’s one thing to imagine that someone might pick you up for an indecent occupation, and quite another when you see the faces of those strangers who did this.
Olya was terribly ashamed and, if not for Nastya’s hand, she would have certainly closed her skirt.
But Anastasia did not allow this to be done.
She allowed the passers-by to take a good look at everything and they saw the lower lips of Oli with excitement.
We saw that she was trying to shove there.
We saw a fluffy strip of hairs.

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And the second ball, meanwhile, entered, pushing deeper and deeper into the first.
The feeling was very exciting.
For the first time in her life, she felt inside her something completely different from the male member.
With internal organs, she easily felt exactly two balls, pushed inside by ten centimeters.
But Nastya was not enough.
She took Olya’s hand and squeezed it on the last ball.
And it was a kind of torture for the girl.
She had never had anal sex before.
I did not even try.
And now she was very afraid of this.
Even if it is a small ball, Olya fluttered in front of him no less than before an excited member.
Probably, her slight fear was transmitted to Nastya, because she broke off Olga’s hesitations and, confidently leading her hand, directed her to the right hole and gently pressed.
But only lightly.
Nastya was not going to do it for Olga.
And the girl realized that Anastasia just spit deeply, how many people will pass by.
She then sits in a decent way, no one would guess by her appearance that she is between her legs.
She can sit here at least an hour, at least two.
And do not give Ole close the skirt as much as necessary.
And the girl gathered her courage and, trying to fully concentrate on Nastya’s light kisses, began to press the ball harder and harder.
At first, she felt only pressure, but then her ass slowly and gently dispersed, and Olya felt the ball start to go inside.
There was no pain, but it was a very unusual feeling.
For the first time, something was trying to enter this hole, not to get out.
And at some point, this feeling was replaced by a feeling of fullness.
The ball went in a little more than half and immediately slid easily inside.
The hole immediately closed, only a small rubber thread came out and stretched to the bar.
Both holes Oli were busy.
She almost instinctively tried to push the balls out, but it was not there. Amir khan sex tape online.

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