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His 19 centimeter penis standing was just opposite my hole.
He put the head of his tool to the hole, and overcoming a slight resistance, my not quite ready yet, for such a member of the ass, entered me strongly and rather roughly.
I gasped, and Pork, grinning, hung over me and caressed my tongue sticking out his tongue.

– How do I fuck you right now !! – He growled, and once again sharply pierced me.
– A-ahh !!! – Again burst from me.
And Pork, still slamming me with his dick, pressing me to the bed.
It seemed to me that I could finish without even helping myself with my hands.
Inside was so hot and nice.
I moaned, no longer embarrassed.
My hands clung to the headboard, and my legs, on Pork’s shoulders, swayed in time with his strong movements.
Rahat walked around with the camera and cheered us on while Pork fucked me hard in the ass.
After 10 minutes he accelerated to the limit, and then, abruptly took the penis out of me and sat on my horse, began to cum in my mouth, which I prudently opened.
Sperm was sprinkled in large portions in my mouth, on hair in my face and on my neck.
– Lick me a member – he said, and I began to lick and suck the head of his penis.
The fact that they were filming me was even more exciting for me, and I smacked my mouth open as wide as possible so that Pork could shove his penis covered with sperm in my throat.
For a couple of minutes, I was sucking his penis that was almost the same in size.
And after half an hour they left, saying that they would come the day after tomorrow and we would continue to make our film with them.
And they left a cassette for me.
Rewinding the recording to the beginning, I turned on the video recorder and in front of me my ass popped up, legs of Spanking, which I sucked dick, appeared in front of me.

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Close-up of my hole, and then the finger of the “operator” paving the way inside of me.
In the place where Rakhat began to cum in me, I could not stand it and brought myself to orgasm.
Pork began recording at the door, and I took off my robe and went into the room, exposing my body to the eye of the camera.
They entered after me and Rakhat began to undress.
Finally, taking off his pants, he gave me his dick, which I began to suck eagerly.
Rahat pinched my nipple and breathed deeply.
I swallowed his whole penis.
– Well, get up cancer, I’ll pop you up the ass.
– he said.
His tongue passed through my spine and began to caress my anus.
It was very nice.
, then I again felt his finger in my ass.
“I think you will stay on top today,” he suggested, and lay back.
– sit on my dick back to me.
– I began to slowly sit down on his penis, and soon rather actively jumped on Rakhat, taking the initiative in my hands.

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He supported my ass, and sometimes tore off the hall from the bed and entered me strongly, so that his hips thumped about my ass.
– Come on, come on, sweet, as I finish right now !!! – Rakhat exhaled, and I felt the fountain of sperm beating at me.
“Okay, now it’s my turn.”
Cut down the camera, right now we will depict the two of us.
– Pork put me in the knee-elbow position, so that the member of Rakhat was in front of my face.
I began to suck on it, feeling like I was coming in from behind, overcoming a slight resistance.
a big dick of spanking.
He parted the halves of my ass as far as possible, and began to fuck me, alternating three slow and deep frictions with one strong and reaching me to the bottom.
With every fourth push of him, I screamed, and after a couple of minutes of such fucking, I completely forgot about the member of Rakhat, who was already helping himself with his hands, to get on alert.
– More more!! – I cried, feeling that I could finish without even helping myself with my hands.
Pork did not stop and continued to alternate penetrations, prolonging the pleasure of himself and me.
– You have a cool elastic ass, it will be necessary for the three of us to come tomorrow.
– said Pork and started fucking me with his healthy hose, quickly and deeply.
His balls beat on my elastic ass, I shouted, no longer restraining myself, everything was burning inside, I wanted Pork to fuck me to the end, I wanted him to finish.
I furiously podmahivat him, trying to plant as deep as possible.
His wheeze, and several deep thrusts, announced to me that he had begun to stop. Bongacams token hack iphone.

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