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When the slaps subsided, I got up and opened the door and saw my mother sucking off Dean from the pots, and he would finish in her mouth.
Then there was just a line.
With one of the boys, Timur jumped in and they fucked her together.

Then we moved to the hall, where they arranged for my mother a night of debauchery, having insured her all the holes in the trash and ass and pussy, and the sweet mother’s mouth enjoyed a separate success with the guys.
Yes, in the passion of the mother, too, has accumulated from the sex life that has begun to swell them with the father.
Yes, and sex with two and three men for sure was her first time in my life.
Therefore, she finished and finished.
Yes, and the boys were funny to fuck a mature, tasty woman.
Of course, only I broke off.
But then in the same month my mother divorced herself for sex and gently kissing, gave me no less love than boys.
This case deserved a competitive story.
The vivid image of a woman with surprising (for our lands) behavior and the only intimate meeting, during which there were features that did not take place in my other stories (although I mentioned in the comments briefly about the heroine of the current version), seemed to give reason to write about her and type at the end of the stamp “we never met again.”
But that would not be true.
We saw each other a couple of times after sex, sometimes we called each other, and on the Internet, communication didn’t stall, it happened spontaneously at times, covering a wide range of topics: from love-sex to computer-perfumery.

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My brightest feeling from getting acquainted with her on mamba and initial conversations, right up to the real meeting and sex, and further to the present times, when I find out that she soaked again in intimate and advanced terms or suddenly falls into nothing at all the look of a sex-vampire melancholy-spleen for another handsome man, can be called a surprise.
Let’s start with the name.
On the Mambov

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questionnaire, it was written real, but with a spelling error.
The “Albany” language was already known in 2008, and when I inquired, she deliberately misrepresented it in favor of fashion or what the secret background of this chip was, received the answer that it appears in her passport.
According to two versions of family legends, either the drunk clerk of the village council was mistaken, or her stubborn father thought that the name “Oksana” should be written in “a”.
So she remained “Aksana” in official documents and “Aksyusha” in personal communication.
The example is conditional, in fact, it has a national name, for obvious reasons, I do not disclose it.
And her passport, without having forgotten about our conversation, she even showed me at our meeting.
After all, it is also surprising, really?))) Now on the points of the questionnaire.
Even now, in 2016, there are very few female profiles on Mamba with a residence “Emsk”, indicating the purpose of dating “sex”.
Most of them are spam robots or prostitutes.
Especially without hoping, I wrote her “hello” and something else, not directly, but quite clearly showing my interest in the above paragraph, leaving nevertheless a place to retreat, if it suddenly turns out that “sex” is indicated only for fun, and she is only interested in communication from nothing to do, but finding the husband-husband in the ideal case (marital status was indicated “not married, there are children”).
And I was surprised by her adequate response, without advertising links and price marking for intimate services, but in which for some reason the surprise flashed in half with disappointment, something like (not literally, but approximately, after a couple of introductory replicas): “ and you, a serious, solid person, with a prestigious profession and an academic degree, having a wife and children, are a crush on all garbage? Camara sex live.

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