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The measured creak of the bed soon showed that she knew her business well.
– At least with one eye – convulsively pulling on her bra, Valentina hissed – one eye to see what she was doing to him.
The bed creaked, then behind the wall we began to breathe noisily, and one cannot say that we remained indifferent to simple human joys.

At first, however, I got my elbow along the ribs, the bra taken back from Valentina cost a gentle push to the stomach, a relatively persistent struggle ensued only in the area of ??panties.
Behind the wall at this time sounded amicable “Ooh.
“, and soon invisible Catherine again rustled with tires in order to catch up to the morning milking.
Iron, damn, women run farms, what kind of horses, what huts, what are you.
At that time, we were hotly discussing the

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need for contraception, and so it was all going on, that in its most extreme form this necessity was absent.
So it turned out.
It soon turned out as soon as I looked up, wrung with her legs.
To breathe is also necessary sometimes.
Although it does not always work out – then I didn’t immediately succeed, because from the window into the room I looked, without blinking, the head of Edik, in all my minus 8 diopters.
It was then that I realized that he did not see a bullet in the room, but immediately caught his breath, that he could not exhale, much less breathe.

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So without dismantling anything, Edward moved to the Palych window and, from some well-known to him alone, pounded on the frame.
– Petrov, bitch! Where is valka ?! Open, you bastard !!! I tell you – I am also not the last manager.
The natural reaction, and even the example of Pavlovich was still fresh.
A few seconds later, also in a sleepy voice, I explained from the window of the next room that Valentine was near, he, Edik, was completely off-sales, and if I spent the proceeds on a taxi, I saw such a business in a coffin.
It turned out, he was riding a ride.
And that is good.
Then everything went according to the prototype – Valentina went to open the door, I grabbed my belongings and finally got over to my neighbor.
Palych, by the way, did not say a word – he confined himself to the quiet “Tc-sss.
“and went to astral.
Behind the wall at this time was a stormy explanation.
And I learned a lot about myself – asshole, drunk and gouging.
This is from Valentina.
And about her – bitch, whores and proshmandovke – from Edik.
It all ended as it should be, according to family.
Understandably, the creak, like Palycha and Katya, didn’t go off, the room went shaking, the bed finally collapsed, and Valentine screamed so that the dogs cried out on guard.
It seems that Edward still fulfilled his threat, but maybe – every time they had it all, I don’t know, I won’t lie.
And in the morning she shook him off.
And rightly so – sex with sex, and computers also need to be sold, a contract should be signed, in this matter Edward is just a hindrance.
This, brother, you are not a member to wave.
Although, frankly, after such a night, I didn’t quite understand which side to approach this matter now.
Palych, by the way, continued to remain silent.
I coughed delicately.
– What is dry in the throat something? – Finally. Celebrity sex tape 2012 watch online.

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