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My cock began to rise again and soon stood ready for new feats.
Click, click, camera shutter worked – Look in the lens! – mom shouted I turned my head to her mother’s side and began to stare at the lens.
A couple more clicks followed.

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– Bend your legs at the knees and spread them apart, wrap your arms around your penis! I obeyed.
The camera clicked, and I felt an incredible excitement.
Click, click.
Mom changed position, removed from different angles, then squatting, then hanging over me.
– Lick your lips, only slowly! I slowly took out the tongue on the left side of the lips, ran them along the upper lip from left to right, then along the lower lip in the opposite direction.
At this time, the camera clicked without ceasing.
– Become a cancer! – How? – Cancer! Roll over, stand on your knees, put your head on the pillow, but do not hide your face, bend your back, pull out your ass! – explained mom I obeyed.
– Spread your ass hands! Click.
Mom came up to me and I felt the moisture flowing between the buttocks to the asterisk of my anus.
I realized that this mom spat on my ass.
Mom took the cream from the trellis, squeezed a little on her finger and went to my ass.
I felt her finger richly lubricate my anus with cream, sometimes penetrating inside.
Then she took a felt-tip pen with a rounded head and gently began to introduce it to me in the ass.
It hurt and I bit my lip.
“Relax, honey, it won’t hurt so much.”

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– For the first time mom’s voice sounded gently with a touch of care.
Finally, the marker has plunged into me almost completely.
Click, click.
Mom took the pen by the cap and began to move it in me, her other hand lay on my penis and began to nadrachivat it.
From an incredible excitement, I finished quickly, straight into the palm of my palm.
Her palm with my sperm moved to my ass, the felt-tip pen left my anus and warm sperm began to drip into it.
A minute later, Mom commanded: – Get up! I got out of bed.
Mom hugged me by the shoulders and rather unceremoniously led me out of the door of my parents’ bedroom.
The door slammed shut.
I stood naked in the hallway, smeared with grease and semen and was in some sort of prostration.
The door opened, my mother’s hand appeared, throwing my things on the floor of the corridor, then the hand disappeared and the door closed again.
A door lock clicked inside.
– Quickly in the bath! Clean up, get dressed and wait for me in the kitchen! – The mother’s voice brought me to the senses from behind the door.
I picked up my clothes from the floor and went to the bathroom.
To be continued.
So they lay and chatted until the husband came.
The first time she sucked him at the garbage disposal.
he went to himself, stopped, looked at her so that she blushed and was even frightened.
While she was sucking, he asked her: “Do you suck for the first time?”, She nodded.
Seryozha pulled out and began to lower her face.
She was proud and pleased, she seemed to have joined a secret adult life, and that her uncle was pleased.
While Dasha was telling, Elena Sergeyevna very clearly imagined the daughter standing in front of the adult man, who for the first time felt the male member in her mouth, and her desire to like and please, bring joy to the man.
And Dasha lay and told.
she said, sometimes interrupted by questions from a curious mother.
“Not bad for the first time, but your mother sucks a lot better,” Dashka swiftly blushed, both from what was done and what she heard.
“You want more.
Well, and learn – come in the evening.
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