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Without hesitation, he opened a jar of porridge and began to eat it, straight with a knife and cold bayonet.
We’ll get it from the company’s office later! ”Sergey said sluggishly, he thought a little and also opened his own dry meal.

Behind them and all the other soldiers opened the bags and began to burst porridge.
With the rising of the sun, activity began on the streets.
People ran past them, glancing in surprise and fearful glances at the soldiers and their equipment.
Before lunch, no one came.
Neither the promised car, nor commanders.
They ate another can of canned food and they wanted to drink.
“So, where do we get water here? What are some suggestions? ”Peter asked aloud at once.
“You can buy bottled in that store!” – suggested Tolik, the gunner-operator ATGM.
Peter looked at the store, then at Tolik, and said: “And we will open it with your grenade, yes ?!” Tolki shook his head in the negative.
“Okay! While there is no war, we will not blow up and shoot! Let’s get out in that house and ask the residents to pour water into our flasks, ”said Sergey.
He ordered everyone to remove the flasks from the belts and hand them over to Peter and Tolik.
“Do not be rude, ask politely!” He instructed the guys and they went to the house, jingling flasks and machine guns.
Peter randomly dialed the apartment number on the intercom, but in response there was only silence.
Then more and more.
But no one answered his calls.
“They won’t open it, even if they stay at home!” Tolik said sadly.
“Yes and x.
I’ll go with them, so let us go! ”- Peter answered and clutching the door handle, putting his foot against the wall, pulled hard and she opened with a click.
“It was the firemen who taught me!” He said to the surprised Shred.
They walked up the stairs and rang at each staircase and knocked on the doors.
But no one opened it.

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Rising to the fifth floor, angry with the indifference of people, they called the next apartment and clearly heard someone shouting to someone: “Do not open it!” This made Peter angry in earnest.
He was sweating all over and dying of thirst, and it was a pity for someone to open the doors.
“Bitch! Okay! Now let’s open it ourselves! ”He said and pulled his knife out of the sheath.
He stuck it to the machine gun, and with a

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force he plunged it into the metal of the door, which easily yanked like a tin can.
A few strong movements with the toothed side and a big hole appeared in the door, at the level of the lock.
Peter stuck his hand in there, yanked something, and the lock opened.
He opened the door and entered the apartment and froze.
The silence in the apartment was alarming.
“Hosts! This is the Army! We only need water and everything! ”He shouted loudly into the depths of the room, and then a tall and slim girl came out into the corridor.
“Why did you break the doors?” She asked.
“We are all dug, no one opens.
And we heard screams from you and decided that help is needed here! ”- Peter decided to lie a little, realizing that the conflict was not needed at all.
Behind the girl’s back another one appeared, the same pretty and slim girl.
She whispered something in her friend’s ear and she also answered her in a whisper.
“So you can get water from you, or will you have to fight your way through the tap?” Asked Peter, who suddenly felt that morning agitation and lust was returning to him.
The girls were beautiful and very sexy, and it was bad in this situation.
Deprived of female attention and caress of soldiers, and two sexy girls, defenseless and helpless.
“Yes, of course, come here!” Said the first girl and pointed to the bathroom door.
Peter shook his head Tolik, and he went to the bathroom, unceremoniously looking at the girls on the way.
They noticed their greedy eyes, and moved a little deeper into the room.
“What is your name?” Asked Peter, waiting for Tolik to pick up the water in his flasks.
“I’m Dasha, and my friend Jane,” the first girl answered without enthusiasm in her voice.
“Jane? What kind of name is non-Russian? ”- Peter was surprised.
“She’s American.
Came to us to learn Russian! ”- explained Dasha.
“BUT! Clear! The spy is shorter! And my name is Peter, and my friend Anatoly! We are good when not hungry and do not die of thirst! Sorry for the door, we will replace it with you later! ”- Peter apologized, not at all imagining how he would restore this door to them.
“I’m not spionka! I’m a student! ”Jane squeaked suddenly, plaintively and frightened, which caused both Peter and Dasha to laugh.
“He was joking, Jane! He does not consider you a spy! Chicholina bongacams.

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