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The lady sat on my face, spreading her buttocks.
While she was reading the magazine, I licked her anus.
How sweet he was.

– Deeper language, creature! – Mrs. periodically reminded about this and then slapped me on the cheeks with her hands, then with her legs over the penis and the balls.
The procedure for processing her ass went through the following days.
For such worries, the rest of the day flew by like a fog.
Everything was again as a waste pattern.
He took the child from the garden.
Put me to bed.
Finally we were alone again.
I was kneeling before the Mistress.
– I allow you to raise your eyes.
Mrs. was dressed in a transparent black underwear with lace, consisting of an open robe and panties.
She sat with her legs apart, her arm in her panties and slowly massaging her clit.
This sight was breathtaking.
At that moment I was ready to

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give my life for the opportunity to touch her pussy.
– Beg me to allow me to lick my pussy.
A lot of flattery was uttered in the direction of her love.
Finally, Mrs did me the honor.
She gave to lick her fingers in grease, and then commanded, pointing to her bosom of love: – Lick! How much was the grease.

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I ate it all outside, also tried to shove my tongue as deep as possible between the labia.
The lady breathed hard, and then groaned.
My tongue was already petrified and numb.
The lady began to beat me with a belt on the back, ordering me to work faster.
She pressed my head to her crotch and squeezed her with her hips.
After some indefinite time, Mrs. ended violently.
I greedily licked all the secretions clean.
So ended the second day.
I began to nap and remember the day we met.
It was a very modest girl.
Suddenly she slapped me in the face.
I woke up from surprise.
A member throbbed and was all greased.
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