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One hand continued to stroke the area of ??her navel, the second dived under her shirt and gradually approached the breasts, excited nipples which were ready to pierce the light fabric of linen.
I asked Lisa if she would mind if Mike slightly lowered the straps of her shirt from her shoulders so that she could truly get erotic photos.
She just nodded, and Mike began to slowly lower the straps as I continued to take pictures.

I asked Lisa to hug Mike, who was behind her, with her hands on his buttocks.
My wife’s mouth opened in a mute cry, because, embracing Mike, she unwittingly pulled him to her, and his tense and big cock like a member was pressed to her back and ass.
Still continuing to walk with her lips and tongue around my wife’s neck, Mike slowly pulled down again over the straps of her lace shirt, and she finally jumped off Lisa’s nipples with an upright projection.
I continued to shoot, and Mike’s hands immediately moved up and her delicious breasts were in his hands.
Another moan broke from Liza’s lips, and behind him another one, when his fingers — so black against the background of her snow-white breasts and pink nipples — began to gently squeeze their prey.
Having made Mike a sign to continue, I suggested that Lisa take some completely nude shots, since it is stupid to stop when we have already gone so far.
Lisa nodded without thinking.
I asked Mike to sit on the bed and Lisa to stand in front of him.
Then Mike began to slowly pull off her translucent panties.
When they were on the floor, he, holding his hand to one of her breasts, nuzzled his bush with black hair on her pubic hair.
Lisa gasped loudly.
After taking a few shots, I suggested that they swap places.
Now Liza sat on the edge of the bed and took hold of the edges of the boxers who stood in front of her Mike.
Without taking her eyes off the knoll in his underpants, she began to slowly lower them.

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Finally, his huge dick jumped out from under the gum of his underpants, almost hitting Lisa on the cheek.
He was swaying right in front of her face, so thick and long, she watched him like a spellbound one, unable to look away.
I asked her to take Mike’s dick in her hands so that I could make high-quality photos.
Lisa obediently clasped member palm.
While I was photographing, I noticed that she was slowly teasing his dick, although I did not ask her to do this.
Following my commands, Lisa made the letter “O” with her lips, as if about to take Mike’s dick in her mouth.
His head was some centimeter away from her face.
I asked Lisa to stick out her tongue, as if she was going to lick the bridle.
“Closer,” I said, “even closer,” and so on until the very tip of her tongue almost touched Mike’s member.
“Now open your mouth again,” I said, “and let Mike put his hands on your head.”
After I took the next shots, at my request, Lisa put her hands on Mike’s buttocks so that the photos turned out to be more hardcore.
While Lisa and Mike were in this position, I

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turned my back to them for a moment under the pretext of changing the memory card for the camera.
When I turned around, Lisa pulled away from Mike’s dick and shyly covered her charms with her hands, while Mike remained standing in her place.
And everything would be fine, but I noticed that the head of his penis was wet from saliva.
“Interesting,” I thought, “Lisa herself took it in her mouth, or was it Mike who thrust it into her?”
We continued the photo session.
Lisa, following my commands, got on all fours, and Mike was located behind.
I told him to send his dick to give the impression that he was going to introduce him to her.
I asked him to bring his dick closer to Liza’s ass, and after a few frames, I asked him to bring it closer.
Mike put his dick on her ass top.
From the look on Lisa’s face, I saw that she was already ready to surrender to anyone.
I asked her to push the halves of my ass apart, because otherwise I could not make a good picture.
Lisa obeyed, buried her face in the pillow, and Mike aimed his dick at her pussy.
I asked him to move closer so that from some angles it looked like he was already fucking her.
Mike moved forward, and now his cock touched Liza’s pubic hair, in addition he put his hands on her lower back.
“Just a little bit more,” I asked, and Mike’s dick poked into her labia.
“Great,” I said, “now don’t move, I’ll do some super-frames.”
Mike turned his head to me, I nodded, and he quickly drove his huge cock into my wife’s bosom.
Lisa gasped at the pillow when the thick shaft of his penis invaded the vagina, greatly stretching its walls, but it was too late. Desi sex tv live.

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