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Suddenly, the beloved interrupted and looked at me.
– If you cum in my mouth, I’ll kill you.
– Where can I go? – I was already so relaxed that I could hardly focus my eyes on the lover’s face.

– Zhen, and can you on your stomach? I’ll lick everything, I promise.
Since there were no objections, I threw my lover on the bed and saddled his hips.
A few hurried movements with my hand – and I poured out on his embossed tummy.
Thoroughly licked out the sperm from the press, I slowly made Eugene return blowjob, of course, allowing him to cum in my mouth.
To my amazement, after all this, my beloved did not disdain to kiss me.
And then we just lay hugging.
– Zhen, and you do not want to go with me and a folder for granny’s birthday in a week? – I asked, stroking his chest.
– This is you now joking? – No, I’m serious.
– What are you, completely fucked? – Zhenka laughed.
– Folder does not mind.
– Yes, your folder is a different story altogether.
– he stretched.
– I love you and I do not see anything bad in the fact that my relatives will know about it.
– Dim, do not try to tell anyone about our relationship.
For me, and so all this is quite strange.
I never would have thought that I would have something with a man, and even more so that I would like it.
Are you really a virgin here? – Zhenka stroked my ass.
– Yes.
It may be stupid, but I was waiting for a man whom I truly would love and whom I would completely trust.
I want you to be my first – I looked into my beloved blue eyes and smiled happily.
– Fuck me? – Do you really want this so? – he looked at me in surprise.
“Yeah,” I settled down and put my foot on his hips.
– It will hurt.
– Shit.
Well, so, deprive me of virginity? – Yeah, right at grandma’s birthday, in front of her! – Zhenka laughed again.

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“Okay, I’ll think about it.”
– Zhen, and it hurts a lot? – I asked a question that had been long spinning in the language.
– Tolerant – a little thought, said the beloved.
– But you do it gently and carefully? – I continued to try.
– I, of course, will try, but for the first time it does not always work out to do everything as it should.
For example, when I first started working at the Ministry of Emergency Situations and for the first time I was sent to a blockage, I managed to drop a wounded brick when I climbed to it.
Well, that is not on the head.
– And what is wounded? – I could not resist and laughed.
– He was unconscious.
Let’s not talk about it now.
– Good.
Stay with me for the night.
And on other nights too.
And the days.
– Today, of course, I will stay, and we will see what happens next.
– We can do this.
We kissed again, and Zhenya turned off the light.
I pressed against his warm body and closed my eyes.
Some scuffling started at my feet, but I knew for sure that this was not a monster of my dreams, but our beloved puppy with Zhenka
Dedicated to what was not And what could be.
So, dear friends, it is Alyosha Peshkov, and not at all Maxim Gorky.
Here is the real name of that seasoned writer.
Those who knew it

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, let their heads shake in sympathy.
Those who did not know – will be surprised.
And if there are those who do not believe me – welcome, come to the station “Park Kultury” and walk up the plate at the end of the hall.
Everything is written there.
And this, by the way, is not accidental: after all, it is at the tablet that I am standing now and from here I begin my tragic narrative.
Do you know what day it is? It is a shame, brothers, shame: So I remind you – today is Friday.
And what number, remember? Not ? Well, do not be ashamed.
I myself do not remember either.
But around the middle of October.
But all this is vanity.
The main thing – in the park of culture today is the last disco.
Last – and all.
More discos will not be winter.
Something must happen today.
It should be according to all the laws of sociology, mathematical analysis and probability theory.
That is why our determination today is extremely cocked, our eyes sharp and sharp.
-Whose is this “our” – you ask? – As it is, whose – I wonder – the best friend Sasha is with me.
: And under the curious views of the readers, two pleasant young men will impressively proceed to the escalator.
– In vain they painted the arch with brilliant paint – with hope I ask Sasha.
Yes, Sergei, in vain – he will answer me with genuine politeness and courtesy. Ebony lesbian webcam.

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