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So, bitch.
This I have in your pussy.
And then another ass fucked by the same stallion.

Let’s see how you will yell.
Alain jerked and screamed, but Velen did not let up and continued to rape the girl.
Saturated, she pulled the strap-on from the victim’s vagina and walked over to her face.
The face of the slave was all in tears.
Open your mouth, bitch and lick your demise.
Alain sobbing opened her mouth and tried to take the head s mouth.
Velena pulled Alain by the hair and put the dick in the girl’s mouth and began to fuck.
Anfisa, you can uncork her ass.
Just do not tear it.
I still need her whole.
Thank you, Madam.
Velena pulled a member out of Alena’s throat and sat on a sofa in the corner of the room.
And you, Elena, get to your gift.
Did you recognize him? Yes, Madam, thank you.
Only without snot.
Make him an obedient bitch.
I will help you.
Then we grow his chest, his hair.
If need be, and eggs with a member cut off.
We make him a vagina and you will have it every night, like you, in all holes.
Okay girls, have fun, I’m tired.
In the morning, Elena, wake me up as usual.
Yes Milady.
To be continued.

Continuation of the “Dialogue of two bodies” A week has passed since our last large-scale sex in bed.
That morning we talked to him and decided to give me a chest.
I visited a paid doctor and sat on the pills.
Already on the third day, the result became noticeable – the halo around the nipples increased, the nipples themselves became slightly swollen and itched slightly, and my first natural breast size slowly began to turn into the second. Free online sexting chat.

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