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Unlike the East, where the slave trade was strictly prohibited, and was punishable by death, in the West it was quite common, bringing a good income.
And everything would be fine, but only the “Scorpions” did not see the difference between the cities of the West, ruled by their fellow craftsmen, and under the control of the military settlements of the East.
With this approach to business, the Scorpions gained extremely bad reputation and made a lot of enemies.

The military now and then staged a sudden raid, trying to attack the trail of an elusive gang, and the head of Farel announced a reward for information about the whereabouts of the gang of riders.
Even knowing all this, the Scorpions continued to walk along the razor’s edge, believing that the luck that accompanied them earlier would never turn away from them.
Passing through a row of tents, the escorts led the captives to a pen with a roof.
– Stand! – suddenly came to the captive someone’s terrible exclamation.
Claire turned around and saw a muscular black man in a leather vest dressed on a naked body, coming out of a distant tent.
This big man was James Pride, nicknamed “Baby Jimmy” – a regular explosives specialist.
With a quick step to the captives, Jim stopped in front of Claire, and examined her intently from head to toe.
Under his heavy gaze, Claire wanted to fall through the ground.
– Do you understand medicine or did you wear a white robe for beauty? – Pride asked.

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The dressing gown Claire wore could hardly be called white.
After frequent washings, he acquired a characteristic light yellow shade, and threatened to tear himself from the slightest sharp movement.
“Yes,” Claire answered the bully’s question.
Jim frowned.
– What “yes? Yes, you understand, or yes, fastened for beauty? – He repeated his question.
– I understand, – the girl gave a clearer answer.
Satisfied with such a response, the big guy grabbed Claire by the arm and dragged him along.
The rest of the “Scorpions” did not even say the words.
“Why did this bastard ask if I understand medicine? What does he want from me? ”Claire wondered while Jim dragged her to his tent.
It’s been a long time to puzzle over what the Pride wants from her.
When Jim shoved Claire into the tent, the girl saw a shepherd dog in a corner.
The dog was lying on the litter, its head pressed to the ground, and whined plaintively.
– What with her? Asked Claire.
– You tell me.
She does not eat anything for the third day, and almost does not move.
Only whines, – explained Jim.
Claire looked from the dog to its owner.
“Sorry, but I can’t help you,” she honestly admitted.
“How can you be sure of that

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, even if you haven’t examined her?” “Because it makes no sense.”
I do not work with animals.
Only with people.
The big man frowned angrily, and raised his fist to Claire’s face.
With such kulaks it was possible to send a man to a knockout with one blow, and a fragile captive, barely reaching his head for the big man’s chest, would have been enough for the same effect if it was clicked.
Claire swallowed a lump in her throat, but did not take her words back.
– Yes, you must understand, I have nothing against specifically your dog.
I just don’t know much about canine diseases.
And even if I did, you hardly have the necessary medicines here, ”she said conciliatingly.
However, Jim’s words only angered her even more.
– I do not care what you understand, and what is not.
Either you look at my dog ??and find what’s wrong with her, or you go to the guys for fun.
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