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This was indicated by a sensitive and sweet mouth, mounds of large, slightly falling off breasts, rounded thighs, the fullness of which could not be hidden by a long dress of a nun.
Laura! – said the Marquis, – carry this letter, you know to whom and immediately return back.
Stepping silently with their little legs, the novice retired, modestly lowering her head.

The seductive swaying of her thighs did not escape the attention of the Marquise.
The full buttocks of the girl moved in time with her steps.
The eyes of the Marquise, holding the novice, lit with carnivorous fire.
She lifted the hem of her dress and put two fingers into the crotch.
Sensing the first shuddering of the flaming vaginal lips, the Marquis turned to the crucifix that hung over the bed and fell on his knees in front of him.
So she appeared before God, one hand raised to him, the second squeezing flaming genitals.
“My God,” she exclaimed, give me strength, break away temptation from me! But the crucifix was silent, naked and submissive to everything.
The Marquis with fear noticed that her eyes were stubbornly peering into that place on the crucifixion, where the member slightly lifted matter, even in God she saw a man.
The marquise rose, walked slowly to the bed, and began to throw off her clothes.
She understood that prayer would not save her from eternal hell ahead.
So let it happen soon.
Before the bed was already a naked body of a woman.
It all expressed a desire, shuddering either from the coolness of the street, or from the passion that rages in the young nun’s chest.

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Full breasts with dark nipples rose heavily, bare ass, lightly suspended in anticipation, squirming, squeezing and unclenching the buttocks, Awnings lips quivered, exposing a number of white teeth.
Eyes Marquises were tightly closed.
With one hand she quickly drove over the nipples of the breast, and the second, slightly spreading her thighs, put two fingers into her vagina.
The vagina became wet and Eleanor laid down throwing a sheet over the burning body.
The nun’s hand slipped under the pillow, and her fingers convulsively squeezed a two-finger candle six inches long.
Raising her belly up and waving her legs tightly, the Marquise inserted a candle into her vagina.
Feeling the end of the uterus with each movement of the candle, Eleanor strained her stomach, squeezing the darkened candle walls of the vagina.
Before the eyes stood voluptuous pictures.
She did not notice that at the moment when she was experiencing the height of bliss, her teeth had bitten through her lower lip to the blood.
Eleanor, feeling the grace of tension, with a force pressed the candle into the depths of the vagina.
Her legs twitched and she lay back on the pillow in exhaustion.
Marquis lay resting when the novice returned.
“I have executed your order,” said Laura.
“I have long wanted to talk to you about something,” whispered the Marquis to invite the novice to sit beside her.
– Laura, honey, do you know how I suffer? I am ready to

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kill myself, – the Marquis whispered trembling all over.
– how can I help you my mentor? I will do everything in my power for you, ”Laura answered happily.
All this time, the Marquise’s hands greedily slid over the girl’s body.
“Bring your body out, Laura, we will serve the Lord God together and believe me, our work is more important to us than prayers,” the Marquis said, kissing the girl.
Laura, not yet understanding what the Marquis wants, obeyed her.
When the last shirt fell from her, the beautiful body of the girl, worthy of Raphael’s brush, appeared before Marquis. Indian desi live sex.

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