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This time it was easier, more familiar, and I was able to keep an enema and not let go a drop.
What I was very proud of, especially as my uncle noted it and praised me.
But the most surprising and shocking for me was that at the end of the third enema infusion, my erect penis suddenly trembled, and at first a drop of lubricant appeared on it, and then, without any other stimulation, he suddenly fired, splashing my stomach and chest.

I was ashamed of a sudden orgasm that had arisen for no reason at all during an enema, but my uncle said: “There is nothing terrible or unusual about this, Tony, this happens to many men during an enema.”
From this I felt a little easier, but still I was very ashamed in front of my uncle.
After the third enema, I emptied, as it should be, sitting on the toilet.
Never before have I experienced such extraordinary relief, such ease and pleasure.
This incident happened 12 years ago, and I received an enema from a stranger only once since then.
It was three years later, at the age of 18, when I was in the hospital about a football injury to my knee, and I was constipated from lying down and inactivity, as I was on bed rest and hospital food. Indian hot sex watch online.

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