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Get up cancer! It was the beginning of a wonderful holiday! To be continued.
The next morning, in a man’s appearance, Dmitry dropped me off near work and went away on business.
The secretary handed over the statement of my dismissal to the authorities and it called me.

The outcome of the conversation with the authorities was that I needed to work out the required two weeks.
Co-workers, having envied, having learned where I turn to work, congratulated me.
Working days seemed awfully long.
During the day, I wanted to get home as soon as possible and take a more pleasant look for me, especially since at night I was in for insane sex, delivering breathtaking pleasure.
Even in the evenings I was waiting for makeup lessons from Lena.
Although she said that I was making progress, but the ideal was still far away.
And then came the last working day, at the place of work that I did not like so much.
Not loved it was because of the dissimilarity of the characters with the authorities.
The only thing I regretted was that there was a very good team there.
After receiving the documents, collecting my belongings and noting my departure with my colleagues, I was going home.
Upon entering the elevator, I pressed the button for the first floor, but the elevator door did not close.
My boss blocked her and went inside.

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The door closed and the elevator started off.
It was the same boss I met at the club then.
“Well, what are you dumping, finally,” he said in his nasty voice.
“Hail,” I replied to him for the first time.
“Finally you will not fuck my whore secretary,” he said.
I punched him hard in the nose.
He flew off to the wall and hit the wall of the elevator, crouched on the floor.
From his nostrils blood poured down his vile whiskers.
I leaned toward him and said softly: “She’s not a whore.”
And she still will never give you a shit.
The elevator doors opened and I went out.
And he remained sitting on the elevator floor, smearing blood with his hands.
When I got into Dmitry’s car, he noticed redness and swelling on my arm.
– What is it? – he asked.
– I did what I dreamed of over the past three years.
“I see,” he said, without further questioning me.
– Let’s go, otherwise I will have a new job tomorrow.
You need to sleep, it’s not good to be late on the first day, –

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I said, smiling,
“By the way, we have guests today, Anya and Lena,” Dmitri said while taxiing.
– What kind of holiday? – I asked.
– Mark your dismissal.
Upon arrival home, I took on the look that had already become more familiar.
Choosing from a wardrobe so well-chosen by Lena, a blue airy sundress and blue sandals.
Having done make-up and matching together, I said to myself that it was getting better for me.
Works Lena did not disappear in vain.
In the dining room everything was covered.
The housekeeper, as always, tried her best and left early.
For all the time I saw her only a couple of times and that glimpse.
When I went down to the table, everyone was already assembled and waited only for me.
Greeting each other, we sat down at the table.
After drinking for my dismissal, we continued communication.
– So what kind of news were you going to voice to us? – suddenly asked Anya Dmitry. Indian online webcam sex.

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