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And already two members are sent into my mouth with obvious traces of being in my own pisechka.
Boys, well, not all at once! And by the way.
Suck one after another, then another.

The third somewhere in the distance fuck me.
Oh, coming again.
Oh, they finish, and this time it’s all in my mouth.
Carefully and precisely, the benefit of the trickle is already very thin.
Everything, Cinderella, your time is up.
Sailors, staggering, go to the shower, and at the same time drag me.
They wash themselves, but at the same time they bring my appearance to a relative order.
One even with amazement expresses that, they say, Lotta looks good without makeup.
Of course, my clever mother warned a good-for-nothing daughter that the later she starts to spoil her face with cosmetics, the longer this face will last.
So it happened.
Okay, let’s not talk about the past.
Goodbye, boys, come again, I will wait for you.
So, well, down? Once again today, I apply gloss and crawl out.
But in the corridor, Gena intercepts me.
It turns out that Mommy told us to stop this corruption with Irkoy and immediately rest.
After all, tomorrow we should have a presentation.
Well, okay.
I come back and right on the sheets covered with yellow spots of sperm, I fall into nirvana.
(to be continued)
I would never have thought that this stupid idea of ??Alyonka would drag me down so much! In the five days of the existence of the Alice questionnaire, I have finished more times than in the last month! Not to mention the fact that I now constantly walked on a platoon – each of mine yesterday was very exciting! Every day I took a dozen photos.

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Even sorted them into several albums for convenience.
The number of views was simply enormous – the comments were coming in an endless stream, frantically exciting me! After I made the first entry in my diary, having described in more or less detail everything that I received from Victor, people became a bit more intelligent and began to write more and more quite sensible sentences, asking them to take one or another photo.
I managed to change my face throughout the whole apartment.
In the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the bath, in the toilet and on the balcony! And in all sorts of poses, I dare add.
And it really turned me on! And the fact that I am posting these photos for public viewing

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(on the majority, by the way, I could see a face that I didn’t intend to hide) and what I was doing at all.
I always took these photos especially for someone who wrote.
An old peasant, sixty years old, even gave me a VIP status for a photo taken in the kitchen.
I stood naked in front of the tile, pretending that I was stirring something in a saucepan, while a ladle was sticking out of my butt.
In the photo, I smiled sweetly at the camera, turning over my shoulder.
But in the last couple of days I was more and more insistently asked to take a few photos outside the apartment, which I was going to do today.
Besides this girl, with whom I talked yesterday.
How is she? Marina, it seems.
She spoke mostly she and either the girl desperately invented, or the experience she had in her nineteen was much more than mine! In the end, she even gave me an order, which I was really eager to execute, although I was terribly afraid of what might happen! But first things first.
So, for a start – photos.
I put a camera in my purse and a couple of things I needed.
She went to the closet with clothes and spent ten minutes choosing an outfit, eventually settling on a bright white skin-tight top.
In the sun, he slightly shone through, which I very much hoped for, although from the mere thought that I would have to walk through crowded streets in it, my cheeks lit up with light paint, and the crack was filled with moisture. Jasmin free cam.

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