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Then the bandits stripped all three girls to their underwear, and tortured them.
The sight of wriggling naked young women aroused sexual desire from the extortionists: After this incident, Marina decided to recruit several more people into her ranks.
According to Marina, girls from dysfunctional families should have become new members of the gang.

Such girls most of all experience social hatred for successful representatives of the middle class.
One day in early June 2005, Marina and Lena walked past one of the Moscow courtyards and heard imploring girls’ sobs that were heard from the territory of an abandoned kindergarten.
The bandits walked up to a tree and watched such a scene.
Four girls surrounded a seventeen pretty little brunette, apparently a student.
A student in some thin light panties, with her hands tied behind her back, was kneeling in front of the girls.
Her bag, blouse, bra, capri pants lay on the grass.
– Well, Lizka, will you still meet with Slavik? – Girls! Do not torture me, please! – the captive babbled.
Then the student saw Marina and Lena and in her soul there was hope for deliverance from further humiliation.
But Lisa hoped for nothing.
– What, girls, do you punish a separation girl? – Marina approached the girls, – Not so it is necessary, it is necessary to act harder! Come on, let’s stretch that bitch on the grass.
A few minutes later Marina sat on Liza, unbuttoned her jeans, let go of her swimming trunks and ordered: – If you want to let you go, lick me.
The student turned her face to the side, tears flooded her gentle face.
Marina painfully squeezed the girl’s chin, forcing her to stick out her tongue.
After Marina on Lisa village Lena.
– Here’s how to lower the spouses! Learn, girls! Maybe now try it yourself.

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One of the girls lay on Lisa and, despite her prayer, she pulled her panties off the student, and stuck her finger inside her.
The student moaned and curved arc, and the girl began to masturbate the prisoner.
Since then, these four girls, Verka, Ninka, Olga and Raika, have become the backbone of the gang.
Marinka taught the girls hand-to-hand combat, shooting and the ability to properly torture young women.
“When a rich bitch is in your hands, your task is not to hurt her, but to humiliate the bitch.”
“Our enemies are secured beautiful bitches! Our goal is the humiliation of the enemy!”
Yes, Marina loved to humiliate beautiful young intelligent women.
Probably because in the sexual abuse of a woman over a woman there is something more unusual than standard bullying.
The unusual was in the sharp specific sensations that you experience when you see in front of you a naked beautiful girl whose hands are tied behind her back.
Especially Marina, the blonde herself, loved to torture gorgeous long-haired brunettes.
But even more Marina was excited by young ladies who wear very long skirts or elegant evening dresses.
Any young woman knows that a long skirt is more sexy than a short skirt.
And since the girl wears a long skirt, then, as Marina thought, this girl wants to be sexy, and perhaps wants violence against her.
One day, at the beginning of July 2006, Marina looked into the office of Sholpan Maratovna for the

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purpose of intelligence.
The bandit asked for a personal appointment with Sholpan, during which she asked a variety of questions.
Marinka did not take her eyes off the Kazakh woman.
Indeed, for the first time the bandit saw in front of her such a beautiful, elegant young lady, an Asian.
A slender, tall Kazakh woman, a gentle swarthy face, beautiful, slightly narrow, almond-shaped intelligent eyes, luxurious dark wavy hair below the shoulders.
Nice voice, nice smile.
And when Sholpan got out of her chair to see Marina, the gangster noted to herself with satisfaction that Sholpan was not only beautiful, but also sexy.
The Kazakh woman was wearing a burgundy jacket, a thin blouse and a long, ankle-length, tight burgundy skirt.
Marina knew that this thirty-year-old beautiful Kazakh woman was not married, and often thought how she relieves sexual tension.
Does Sholpan masturbate, and if she masturbates, then what imagination does she present? The bandits set up monitoring the Sholpan office, found out where she lives, what time she goes to work and comes home. Karabellee livejasmin.

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