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Nevertheless, for the time being, it seemed — well, personally to me — that at least part of the traditional prejudices still dominates both the lords of the heavens.
For the time being.
The party, as mentioned above, was in full swing.

Since the bohemian intelligentsia, especially with zakos in poetics and schizophrenicity, is not like people, then this “height” took on some atypical forms.
Nobody beat the dishes, did not admit to anyone drunk in love, did not even run – so far – in the convenience store.
It’s just that a group of internet geeks torn from their lives — with a lot of effort to tear their seats from their seats in front of computers not so long ago in order to meet with their favorite player and longtime network companion — gradually began to relax, to recall the skills of speech communication without using a keyboard and even to break up into pairs.

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“Couples” is not in the sense that you may have thought of as vulgar – most of the fans Wellearius invited were somehow male and this sort of splitting was almost impossible.
On a pair of disputants-debaters.
Someone argued about the nature of the UFO, someone – about Putin’s plans, someone – argued on the extremely relevant topic “What would happen if the Soviet Union existed for a million years?” Naturally, the debaters interfered with each other, one pair of duelists of the verbal sword every now and then drowned out the other pair of word virtuosos with their voices.
In order to reduce the noise level a little, part of the disputants moved from the living room to the veranda, where an old TV was on, which clearly gave them new food for argument.
A part of the people left the country house at all, where the poet decided to invite their friends, and settled down by the barbecue near the construction booth.

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Soon from there pulled the smell of kebab, after which even more people left the country house.
I just frowned, staying in the living room and regretting the incomprehensible problems with the stomach.
Partly because of these problems, I did not take part in a stormy chatter festival and tried not to argue with anyone.
Although I seemed to be able to relieve the strange pains in the stomach and the toilet no longer attracted, but they are partly psychosomatic, suddenly they will again become aggravated from sudden movements or conversations with someone?
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