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And now he already touched me, as he wanted, but listening to me.
You are so wet.
do you feel good, Rina ?.

He whispered.
What happiness, that in a bedroom twilight! I relaxed under his caresses, moaning, crumpled with pleasure.
I wanted this night not to end.
I reached out to his male flesh, squeezed, stroked, squeezed again.
Max sighed sharply and groaned groaned.
Easy, sweetheart, I don’t want to finish now.
I was shaking, my head was spinning, I felt drunk and all-powerful at the same time.
I pressed my lips to his lips, felt the tenderest touch of his tongue and completely lost in time and space.
Baldeya from my own courage, I slid my cheek down his chest, onto a flat stomach with strong muscles, and took his hard cock in his mouth.
I enjoyed it with him.
I really liked how Max responded to my touch.
Obeying my instincts, I caressed him with my lips, tongue, sucked, caressed my scrotum, until Max made me break away from him, pulled me up, kissed my mouth eagerly and imperiously.
Down on my back. ”He gently threw me on the bed, knelt beside me and lifted my legs, parting them slightly.
It was here that I felt insecure, panicked, tried to sit up.
Rina, trust me.
I just want to caress you as you did for me.
I do not understand oral sex! That is, I love to caress a man, but when he does this for me, I feel embarrassed and stupid, so the romance of the romance dissipates for me, and this is equivalent to waking up at the most interesting point of sleep.

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But looking into Max’s eyes, burning with passion for me, how could I not let him? The miracle did not happen.
I was pleased, but I was more excited by the realization that this luxurious man shares with me the most intimate act between people.
Do not you like it? – Max asked quietly, looking up from my flesh.
Like – I carefully chose the words.
“It just never worked with me, sorry.”
So, there is something else from which you start, and we will soon find out, – Max’s tact and this anticipation of something else brought me back to heaven.
“Just know, I really like to taste you, honey.”
Max pulled me by the hand, I obediently knelt beside him.
He turned his back to me, pressed me back, kissing my neck and caressing my breasts.
After a couple of minutes, one palm slipped between my legs, stroking the clitoris.
I was pierced by another wave of excitement.
I leaned on

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my hands, – whispered a man.
I obeyed, timidly looked at him over my shoulder.
– Do not move, Rina.
Max left me for a minute, took out the shiny bags from the drawer of the table, returned to me and threw them on the bed.
I first want to know how you work from the inside.
Max’s hands again stroked my body, played with nipples, forced me to bend under his caresses.
When his fingers were again between my legs, I was ready to beg him to take me.
But he was in no hurry.
I felt one of his fingers penetrate inside me.
Max was sweating on his forehead.
I listened to him and my quickened, heavy breathing.
The finger left me, but immediately returned – oh no, now Max introduced two fingers into me.
I groaned, not even trying to muffle that sound.
Well, my girl, very good.
And then I felt something impressive enter me carefully.
– I turned around and realized that he was trying to master me, – Max, I do not protect myself! My desperate cry made him open his eyes.
I control everything.
I just need to feel your skin.
not for long
please let me, honey.
The desire tormented me, but the fear of the consequences did not allow my muscles to relax, let the man’s member in more deeply.
Max came out with a sigh, reached for a condom. Lenadate bongacams.

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