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At first, they, like the real friends, made fun of it, but then, quickly, they organized a win-win situation for him.
And already two hours before sending, Peter violently drew Valentina, a girl from their former class, who readily surrendered to anyone who desired her body.
Peter was so bad that he even agreed to this “fire” option.

To his surprise, Valentina, with great pleasure, for the beginning, aroused his mouth, so caressed his body, that he threw a jet of sperm in a minute.
“Wow! Yes you are the shooter! ”- admired Valentina, and immediately swallowed herself in her mouth, there was already a drooping member of Peter, and in a minute of gentle touches of the lips and tongue, again brought him to alert.
She pulled off her jeans and panties and turned back to the guy’s ass, bent, leaning on the windowsill.
She grabbed her buttocks and the edges of her slits with her hands and pushed them apart, opening access to the inside of her body.
Peter readily inserted his excited stake into a cave set up for him.
He fucked Valentine for a long time and with pleasure, completely forgetting about his problems and the upcoming dispatch to the Army.
The girl podmahivala him ass and swayed in time with his movements, helping to implant himself on his spear.
When Valentine grabbed his eggs and began to stroke them, Peter could not stand the pleasure that covered him, he finished.
He wanted to take his trunk out of the girl’s body, but she firmly held his balls and did not allow him to be pulled out.
“Not! Let all your seed be in me! ”She said and after waiting a minute, let go.
Then, she turned to the guy who had already begun to pull on his underpants, and stopped him, again clutching his penis with his lips.
Peter was already quite satisfied and did not feel more desire, but the caress of the girl caused a new surge of strength in his body.

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“I will fuck you so much that for the whole service you no longer want!” – Valentin would rock him, pushing him in the chest and forcing him to fall on the bed.
She took off her jeans and panties completely and stood over the guy on her back, legs spread wide.
Then she sat down crouched, and taking the guy’s rearing member, put him to her cave, oozing nectar, and plunged him into herself.
Then the real rodeo began.
The girl was jumping on Peter, as if he were an unbroken horse, jumping high and dropping sharply on his stake.
The guy was even a little scared for the safety of his body, but soon, under the impression of his feelings, he completely forgot about safety and was amazed by the fact that on his penis a crazy girl jumps, bringing himself and him to orgasm.
Then it was the last time with a girl.
That’s why now, with great excitement and happiness, he stroked and kissed Irina.
He has already forgotten what woman tastes and how pleasant her skin feels to the touch

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He expected that the girl would give him a rebuff and was pleasantly surprised that she not only did not object to his caresses, but even answered a little.
Irina was also surprised at her behavior.
Raised in the best traditions of an intelligent family, she was accustomed to the fact that a girl can kiss only after a long period of acquaintance, let alone sex and nothing to say.
And then, not even five hours passed, as she already allows herself to kiss and touch her breasts, and even when the boy’s hand slipped under her skirt and began to stroke the bottom of her tummy, trying to penetrate between the tight legs, she could not find the strength in herself to say: “Enough!” Once, when they were celebrating a dedication to students with a group, she too “picked up”, and her classmate Dima went to accompany her to the house, who from the very beginning of her studies tried to start a relationship with her.
She liked him, but she waited for the guy to do something more active than just the standard daily compliments.
Therefore, their novel smoldered like wet paper, nor as without burning.
Dima escorted her to the entrance, carrying an umbrella in his hands, closing it from the rain.
He himself was wet, but did not let the raindrops fall on the girl.
She asked him to enter the staircase to warm up: “Otherwise, you’ll catch pneumonia!” They climbed the flight of stairs, to the floor above, where Dima got a bottle from his jacket, which was a third filled with a clear liquid.
“What are you talking about, vodka steal?” She was amazed.
“Aha! It came in handy for warming up! ”- Dima said happily and unscrewing the lid took a big sip.
He put the sleeve to his nose and exhaled. Live sex chat omegle.

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