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Oleg went to the toilet, calling: -Did you see the jacuzzi? -Saw.
-how you want, says, and I’m in the swim.
Opened Water and starts to undress.

-Come on, says, drag the bubble here.
I brought the bottle, drank it, he climbed into the water, -Laze too, there is enough space.
We are sitting in the jacuzzi, water is picking up, I have come down to it once more, I have completely grown good, warmed up, began to doze off.
Oleg wakes up – Do not sleep, you will freeze, go to the bedroom, and look at Yurka at the same time.
I took the dressing gown from the hanger, they also wiped it, went out, I looked at Yuri, trying to get rid of the toilet, hugged the toilet and was asleep, turned off the light for him, closed the door and went to bed on the bed.
Some kind of garbage dreamed, fell somewhere, turned, gasped, then as it pulled out of sleep, something was pressing on me, dark, hot, where am I, what happened? -Oleg? -I am I, we are friends, you yourself said, now, not jerky.
-what are you doing? -It will not hurt, I’m small, I’m neat, the main thing you will be straining as I say.
-What ofigel, Oleg stop, let go, do not you dare.
-Vanya, I have to, I have already gone to the complexes, a month after that bitch did not stand, today is the first time that I want for you.
– Yes, I’m a virgin there! -Yes, you are a virgin everywhere, I want to hire you, whatever you want.
Push! – Stay up! Please scary.

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you would have smeared than pain.
-Now, I’m not a Boys, I smeared, there’s just no Gandonov, You’re like a deadline, just kidding, just kidding -Good !.
carefully, it hurts.
– Fuck! I did not hit, Wan not bother me please, I swear I cautiously.

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-Okay, okay, only gently.
– Bend your legs, and under the belly pillow, let me even lubricate.
Now push.
-BUT! BUT! BUT! Oh! Painfully! Well you have discouraged, pull out, Stop, It hurts! Do not move, stand.
-It will be easier, wait! The picture in the dark mirror of the closet was still that, I am in a frog pose, I breathe like a pounded horse, Oleg kneels behind me, presses my back with one hand, holds the other with my hip.
For about ten seconds we did not move, then he began to slightly rock my cock in the bottom.
The sharp pain went away, there was a heaviness in the groin.
Oleg put his hand between my legs.
-You flow from your penis, you know, and began to shake her a little wider.
As he brought his penis closer to the exit, it became more painful, and I involuntarily served with a point on the back to prevent him from pulling it out.
Pretty quickly, Oleg blundered something inarticulate and twitched a couple of times and piled his whole body on my back.
– Well, that’s it? – Wait for the fall, pull out.
Was it very painful? – Let me plant you, find out.
-Yes, you will tear me with your sausage to fuck.
-You cho Again ?! -What should I do? He is still asking.
Now, as it went merrily, even a couple of times, Oleg pulled out a member and again stuck it quite sharply, my sparks flew from my eyes.
And he finished a long time with a groan and a groan.
And he groaned and I moaned.
And then the light came on.
After Misha deprived me of virginity in my first story, my sex life went uphill.
We began to meet regularly.
Sometimes he allowed me to stay with him at night, and we had sex both at night and in the morning.
He used to say that he was leaving for business, and we had a break for a week or two.
In one of these cases, I was preparing to come to Misha on Saturday, after a long break.
I made an enema, picked up my ass so that I would be smooth and put on my leather jock-shorts, in which the scrotum and penis are closed, and the ass is completely open (Misha gave them to me).
Then he put on a leather harness – a few belts that criss-cross the chest, as well as leather bracers and nanozhi.
The gay bear was looking at me in the mirror.
The final touch – with a plastic syringe without a needle, I made a cube of silicone grease, put the syringe deeper into the hole and sharply lowered it. Live sex tube.

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