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she asked in surprise.
– I do trade.
Have we switched to “you”? Good! “Ahhh,” I pulled out, wondering, falsely, so it was the Azari merchant uniform? How could I not guess? – No, this was the usual strict clothes.

Just right so as not to isolate anyone from the crowd and not attract attention, Satine replied, judging by the unchanged intonation in her voice, without understanding my sarcasm.
“Don’t stand out from the crowd.
Is it a spy? ”- I thought, trying to guess on the go about who she was and how she wanted to use me.
– And a lot of these “who do not”?

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– I do not know for sure.
I had enough of those that met.
That is why I want to hire you.
– What? Payed assassin? No, thank you.
– Well, why so soon? Bodyguard! Do you understand the difference? – The difference? In my opinion – one hell! Unless to shoot “in the answer” it is necessary, but not at once.
And in general, why, dear Sa’Ara, did you decide that I would approach you as a bodyguard? – I’ll tell you now.
Satina, as if waiting for this question, quickly grabbed the tablet from the table and began to read out the information from it: – Eugene Sandow.
27 years.
Assault battalion.
Lt. Retired.
Stop! Here it is, listen! During the execution of the last mission heroically, he closed the detachment commander, thereby saving his life, but received multiple injuries.

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Survived, was awarded, but decided to leave the ranks of the army.
So here! In the last lines, I realized that she was reading not a questionnaire from the employment service, but my personal file from the database of the Alliance army.
Naturally corrected, before my dismissal, but not the essence.
So where does she have access to it? Turning off the tablet, Satine looked at me with a brilliant look of admiration.
– A commendable act for a warrior – looking into the eyes of death to protect another.
In response, I decided to admire her “knowledge.”
– Commendable for the merchant act – to know about what is written in the secret files of the soldiers of the Alliance.
Satin, finally realizing what I’m getting at, sighed sadly.
A smile disappeared from her face, and her gaze went out.
– I understand.
You do not trust me?! Listen, I really do trade.
Just my product – information.
I work for Gray Mediator.
Unofficially of course.
Do you know that? But it has become like the truth.
In which I am ready to believe.
– Of course, I know – I said with confidence – just like the fact that you have to be a complete fool to tell everyone about it.
– I did not try, but somewhere pierced.
Three attempts in a month, and I just started working.
It was scary to leave the house.
And then, one of my friends advised me to find a bodyguard, and it was you.
Said you come as well as you can.
Actually that’s all.
I really only need protection.
She hastily handed me her tablet with the text of the contract.
– I offer a contract for 3 years.
Only protection! If I order to do something that can go against the terms of the contract, you can safely break it, I will not object.
I began to read the contract.
It took two hours, during which Satine kept her eyes on me, looking at the animal cornered. Livecam sex gratis.

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