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About ten o’clock in the evening, the patience finally left the marquis and he grabbed the hands of both girls, dragged them upstairs to his little room.
Since Joseph stayed in the main hall and began, with Constant, the complex party in The Three Kings, I apologized to my brother and took Juliet to sleep in my bedchamber.
After making sure that the girl fell asleep, I set off on my way back, but again I could not resist and crept on tiptoe to the door of a voluptuous aristocrat.

Looking into the keyhole, I saw the next exciting picture.
On a huge bed that stood against the far wall of the room, on a pile of pillows lay Kinnerstein.
He climbed onto the blankets without even taking off his hiking boots.
Directly in front of him stood a row of three naked girls.
To describe further events, the reader should imagine those women who have attracted the attention of a lecherous aristocrat.
1) The first girl was a 25-year-old Garsenada.
As we found out at dinner – companion Constance.
Garsenada was pretty, had soft features and a big, heavy chest.
Apparently, Kinnerstein chose this black-haired woman for his pleasures, because she had a truly outstanding ass, for which it was nice to grab not only a man, but also a woman who understands sense of lesbian pleasures.
2) The second girl barely reached the age of 18.
Maggie’s long white hair — that was the name of this short-haired man — barely covered her small tender breasts, with crimson nipples.
The lips of the girl were pale pink, and she herself was the true embodiment of innocence.
3) The third girl called herself Cecile and, most likely, was a local whore.
Her strong body was built quite well, although it

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did not hit with a special grace.

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Unfortunately, Cecile was heavy and rather vulgarly brought up.
However, the last moment further inflamed the Marquis’s bizarre lust.
When Cecile spewed another rude curse, the marquis grabbed his cock and began to jerk hard, wanting to release sperm into her voluntary assistant.
Since in the very near future a grandiose intercourse was to unfold, I resolutely spread my legs and began to touch the clitoris with my finger.
My tender pussy immediately responded with bursts of lust and barely noticeable pleasure.
At this very moment, I clearly realized that the continuation of the jerk would help me quickly dump the stagnant juice on the floor.
Carefully inspecting the ladies, Kinnerstein began to caress his own member and commanded.
“So, Cecile, you will be my wife.”
“There you have it, sir,” she threw herself on her knees, “I will bow to you until the very last moment of my life.”
– Stand in line, stupid! This is such a game, – the Marquis scratched his head, – You will be, as it were, my wife, while Maggie and Garsenada will become, as it were, your daughters.
“And how is the sir to be with the fact that they are about the same age as me,” Cecil asked a reasonable question.
– Listen, beautiful, – the aristocrat lying on the bed got angry, – I paid you money for fucking, and not for you to torment me with questions of logic.
With such behavior as yours, my dick will not rise even if the other two ladies whip each other with rods and shout at the top of their mouths the most disgusting obscenities.
Having calmed down a bit, the Marquis continued.
– You, Maggie lie on the bed, and you lick my cock.
Got it! Maggie nodded silently and lay down next to the Marquis.
The man, without hesitation, put his penis in the hands of the girl, followed his look at her work and began to groan frantically.
– That’s because, boughs work! Your tiny Maggie doesn’t know how to jerk off, but from her incompetence I got stronger than from the work of the most skillful whore.
Not a few moments pass, as I will be on top of bliss.
Come on, Maggie-bitch, lick him a couple more times.
Do not stop.
Oh, pussy, I’m in seventh heaven with happiness! Barely coping with his own lust, the Marquis pushed the girl away from him and again turned to the remaining women.
“So, Cecile, you will be the mother of Garsenada, and you will have to punish her for failing to learn a difficult lesson.”
Put her on your knees and spank your ass with your hand.
Cecile sat awkwardly on a chair, squeezed her legs and put Garsenade in her lap. Love and sex full movie watch online.

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