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Do not worry, if Ivan said that he would bring Irka in the morning, so be it.
It was necessary to get so drunk, I do not remember anything.
I walked past her on cotton legs.

I went to bed, but did not want to sleep anymore.
Did I really let her go? Or maybe Olka covers her sister? I don’t remember a damn thing! All sorts of crap came into my head.
I imagined Irka, who was standing in her favorite pose – with cancer, and Ivan was hammering her from behind with her monster.
And as I did not try to drive away these thoughts, they climbed and climbed.
Down moved member.
I represented her in various poses.
Soon I had such a riser! And with these thoughts and with the riser in my underwear, I dozed off.
We already had breakfast when my wife appeared.
She was joyful and tired.
It was evident that she did not sleep enough.
What did he tear her all night, or what? She went straight to the second floor and fell asleep.
Even in a dream, it was obvious that she was pleased with the night she had spent.
I ceased to like something at a party and I decided to go home today.
they tried to dissuade me, but I stood firm on my own.
By lunchtime, I returned to normal.
Loaded things.
Olka gathered food on the road.
Sergiy and I, literally, loaded Irku into the car in the back seat.
And home.
The story described below happened to us during the first holiday in Turkey.
We, like many of our compatriots with children, took an “all inclusive” ticket in 5 stars on the coast of Antalya.
There was absolutely nothing to do there except how to eat and fuck, although the latter was difficult, the time was only when the children were with children’s animators, and from this boredom they decided to indulge themselves with a course of massage.

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Looking at the prices in the hotel spa, they remembered the presence of a house at the entrance to the hotel territory, which promised the same thing, but much cheaper.
In the next free hour they visited him, where a young, low-lying masseuse painted about a dozen types of massage that he does, showed some certificates, was quite comfortable inside and we agreed.
My wife loves massage, well, and I don’t mind if I prefer women to do it.
First we chose a back massage as the cheapest and fastest to evaluate the professionalism of the salon owner.
The masseur introduced himself as Baikal, a strange name for the Russian ear and offered to strip to his underwear and lie down on the table.
I was the first to lie down, and my wife sat close on a chair to look and wait for her turn.
In general, the massage was quite good, rather long.
My Lana waited until the masseur came out after me quickly took off her skirt, T-shirt and in black thongs settled on the table, and I got dressed to wait for her.
My wife looked just fine for my taste – 35 years old, short, blond hair, a narrow waist and a nice round butt, but her chest was really small with large pink nipples, but I really liked this.
She still barely tanned and painted her nails with bright red varnish.
Baikal immediately returned and smiled, said something unintelligible.
Then he took a checkered cloak and covered her legs to the butt and lowered her panties by a third.
I saw how my beloved back had tightened, and then she relaxed again.
In general, the massage took place just like me. At the end, Baikal went down to the lower back and the top of the ass, and looking at how his dark hands kneaded his wife’s waist and the top of her gorgeous buttocks, I felt excited, the penis began to pour blood.
A massage therapist is constantly smiling, periodically looking at me asking whether everything is good, whether you like it, and the wife responded that everything is fine.
When he finished I

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managed to calm down and Lana, dressed, said that she would like us to be here, Baikal immediately said that there would be a discount for the subscription and as a result of bargaining we took subscriptions, I went for a general oil massage and then sports, and my wife decided to try different ones. Naked young webcam girl.

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