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And here Alexey decided that it was impossible to continue to pull.
He stood in my place, and I sat in a chair, giving my husband the opportunity to kiss my clit.
While he was sucking him slightly, Alexey caressed her husband with his finger, generously rubbing grease into him.

Along the way, he stroked his back, touched his nipples with his fingers and acted as an experienced tempter, but the expression of his eyes showed how new this experience was for him.
Madelena was already whining under the meaty Pasha.
Together they represented a strange composition, two large bodies indulging in animal passion.
Pasha threw her legs over her shoulders, pierced with a swing with her love instrument, and Madeleine just started, shaking her buttocks and calves.
Her legs literally flew from all the indelicate Pashin’s efforts.
“Oh, what a long dick you have, it just takes you to the soul,” she whispered hoarsely to Pasha, for which he screamed.
– I know where your fucking soul is.
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By the time her husband had stopped, slightly straining and clenching his lips, I realized that Alexey had finally entered him.
Moving very quietly and carefully in him, he did not stop whispering in his ear cute nonsense.
-Like? I do not hurt? My husband just shook his head and squeezed my hips tighter.
This went on for several minutes, after which he could not restrain himself and began to moan loudly.
The groans kindled Alexei and, unable to control himself, he screamed loudly and spilled seed into her husband.
Then all three of us

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for some time lay helpless on each other.
And then Alexey, shy and blushing, asked.
-I would also like to feel this: Madeleine, having highly lashed out with a magnificent ass, has finished, pushing her fantastic buttocks onto our pashin penis.

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Her dress was finally crumpled, but she herself looked surprisingly fresh, her cheeks burned with fire, her lips bit hot in a fit of passion.
Pasha almost did not move, resting his stomach on her ass, he only slightly gave his buttocks to meet her movements.
Along the way, he grabbed small tartlets from the table and shoved them into his mouth with an appetite, glancing almost indifferently at the moaning mistress.
“I am so eager about fucking,” he said, turning to me and asked.
– And you do not want? -Tartlets? Thank you: Yes, no, let me give you too, or else you miss something: My husband kissed me on the lips in a relaxed way.
-Do you want to fuck with him? “A little later,” I said.
“A little later,” Vasilisa’s voice echoed in my ear.
Her thin, ring-studded fingers slid to my chest.
Husband and Alexey lay down on a low couch and weakly closed their eyes, and Vasilisa was already actively making her way into my bra and, finding a nipple, began to twist it with light but demanding movements.
She wedged her narrow hips between my still divorced legs and proceeded to a systematic study of my body.
First, chest, then belly, then her fingers found my clit and no longer let go.
Her caresses were skillful, I felt a new wave of excitement splashing at the weakening legs and gradually rising to the stomach.
She bent her intoxicating face over me and, sticking out a tongue, walked over my lips, then penetrated into her mouth and began circling there a distracted butterfly.
Ivan, Boris and Sasha were already driving the rattled Olesya in the fifth circle.
For convenience, they removed the skirt from the girl, and now she was in the same blouse and in the uniform white school outfits.
Her shaved lips, obediently covered another member and readily took him to himself.
Then Sasha lay down, Olesya sat on top of him, and Boris and Ivan stood up.
Boris attached himself to her mouth, Ivan, with skillful movements, kneaded and lubricated her anus.
Alexey, shaking off the remnants of sweet obsession, caressed her husband.
Having nestled to him, the guy kissed his nipples, went down to the stomach, rose up again and finding his lips, slightly grabbing them with his own.
The husband gradually came to life, the member, under the tender caresses of Alexei, swelled and straightened.
At some point, he also began to caress Alexei, stroked him on the back and buttocks, fingered his hair and intimately and ingratiatingly kissed his neck, which is why the guy literally melted.
– Do you want me to enter you? – asked his husband.
-Yes: very: – Alexey leaned back and spread his legs. Online sex 3d effect.

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