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When I left, Elena Nikolaevna was no longer under the table.
Good morning, Teddy Bear.
– she greeted cheerfully, giving absolutely no form to the form in which she appeared to me a minute ago.

– I calmly answered her.
– How did you sleep in a new place? Perfectly! And what dreams.
Oh, what dreams! “You see it shines all, like a diamond in the sun.
Still, she would not like dreams.
I moaned like in porn movies. ”
And you? It used to be better.
– I answered gloomily.
She somehow drooped, but then a smile returned to her beautiful face.
Sit down for breakfast, I made pancakes.
And she put on the table a plate with golden pancakes, rolled up envelopes, with different fillings.
I once again noted to myself her culinary talent and a little envied the fool-husband.
After breakfast, Elena Nikolaevna went for a walk around the city, taking the keys to the house beforehand.
And I again sat down to work.
Thinking thoughts popped into my head one by one, paving the way to the site against my will with hundreds of galleries of images of mature women.
Depraved poses, delicious round ass, nice full thighs, wet vaginal lips.
Most of all I liked the photos of women in the positions in which I discovered Elena Nikolaevna.
The working mood completely evaporated, and I leafed through page after page, to the joy of my hungry female vagina, a friend in pants.
Turning the key in the keyhole made me quickly close the browser window and create a focused look.
Elena Nikolaevna easily entered my room, bringing with her a pleasant delicate fragrance of perfumes.
I noisily pulled his nose.
Like? – She asked.
Yes, nice.
New bought.
– the woman with a contented voice boasted.
“Do you work all day?” What to do, the country needs new ideas.

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– I laughed it off.
Gentle hands lay on my shoulders, massaging them easily, constantly trying to break off to my chest, but stopped, submitting to the hostess’s mind.
All change! – Elena Nikolaevna laughed.
– Lay on the bed.
I decided to wait and see what would happen next, and therefore I flopped on my back and put my hands behind my head.
My bolt did not have time to calm down until the end, and now it was well protruding.
Elena Nikolaevna was embarrassed and timidly added: Not so, on the stomach.
I’ll massage you.
The soft hemispheres, covered in black skirt, fell on my butt.
Elena Nikolaevna massaged herself selflessly and efficiently, working through every back muscle tired of a static position in a day.
Well for massage in a t-shirt? Take it off fast! Take it yourself.
She somehow strangely froze, and I realized that it sounded ambiguous.
With me take off, I’m also uncomfortable.
Elena Nikolaevna laughed loudly and cheerfully and unable to restrain herself plopped down on my back, continuing to shudder in a fit of laughter.
And I thought that.
Oh fool.
– My guest poured.
This unbridled fun was passed on to me, and already two bodies, a male, covered by a female, laughed, like children, over the current stupid situation.

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When Elena Nikolaevna finally breathed, she picked up the edge of my T-shirt with thin fingers and pulled up.
I sat up a little, and the already unnecessary part of the clothes slipped along the outstretched hands.
Yeah, it was a completely different feeling.
Fingers, knuckles of fists, elbows – all merged into one.
She crawled restlessly, constantly pressing on my ass, from which the member pressed to the bed was again excited.
Massage must be complete! – In a strict voice, as if the students were in class, she said.
– Turn over.
I heard about this for the first time, but wanting to look at her face, at that moment when she would shamelessly paw me, under the good cover, turned over.
Elena Nikolaevna sat down at the same place, only now under her posh ass was a solid thick club.
I saw her pupils tremble when she realized that the object of desire was so close to the wet crack.
The hands of the woman lay on my chest.
She closed her eyes for a moment, savoring her, and squeezed her tightly.
The mature female finely trembled all over, greedily squeezing young muscles.
She breathed loudly, erotically opening her mouth.
She rubbed her ass against a hard trunk, gradually losing control.
Under the thin blouse gently rolled soft balls of her breasts.
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