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The water was already quite cold, but, like all drunk, I was knee-deep in the sea.
The depth was greater than I expected.
At the edge of the bridge, the water reached me mid-thigh, but did not stop halfway.

Clutching at the railing, I finally climbed onto the wooden flooring.
A bad example is contagious, and two more followed me and Versailles.
Max shot us on the camera from the shore.
And, as it turned out, it was not for nothing that I filmed. Once on the bridge, the three of us didn’t think of anything better than starting to swing; then it was a lot of fun.
And in order to become even more fun, we all began to run across one to the other side of the flooring.
At some point, Versailles jumped into the water and swam to the shore, and we once again swung the floating structure.
Here, apparently, the chain broke, the bridge began to roll and slowly but surely roll over on its side.
I fell into the water, and an overturned bridge covered me.
Caught in the cold dark water, I instinctively rushed up and rested against the wooden flooring.
The small depth allowed me to get up, but this did not soothe me much.
There was not enough air, and I panicked.
Railing bridge.
Here it became really scary.
Feeling frantically where they ended, I could not stand it and sipped water.
At the same moment, someone’s hand grabbed my sweater and, jerking to the side, pulled to the surface.
Grasping the edge of the inverted bridge, which floated at shoulder level, I frantically began to inhale the air, at the same time trying to clear my throat from the water.
Giving me a little breath, Zhenka dragged me to the shore.
Two of my wet companions were already there – apparently, they got out on their own.
It was wildly cold in wet clothes.

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Convinced that everything was all right with us, Zhenka reached the car and quickly drove it to the river.
All bathers climbed into the salon, and the rescuer began to take us home.
The guys lived nearby, in neighboring entrances, and in ten minutes they were already warm.
On the advice of Eugene, I took off my wet clothes and threw them back where Versailles lay.
– Dim, are you an idiot from birth or have you become so in the development process? – wet and angry Zhenka stopped at the next traffic light and looked at

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– Sorry.
– I lowered my eyes and began to look at my hands.
– Sorry ?! Fuck your mother! Yes, even a puppy is smarter than you all put together.
He and then realized how it all ends! – Zhen, thank you.
– I squeezed his shoulder and immediately let him go.
– Thank! – the driver mimicked me.
– How many years in the Ministry of Emergency Situations otpahal, how many saw, and the human stupidity is still not surprising, – he sighed.
– Dim, I would have to leave tomorrow morning, my mother for a checkup at another clinic to take.
“Of course,” I looked at him and smiled.
– How much do you want? – By four.
– OK.
How is she? – Not really.
– Zhen, and maybe I’ll go with you? – What for? – he looked at me in surprise, and even for a second distracted from the road.
– Well, meet you.
You know my father.
– So what? Getting to know your family turned out to be a very dubious pleasure for me.
– Does it mean “No”? – Not.
– It’s not fair.
– Not fair? Dim, have a conscience! Although you only do what you have.
We drove into the garage, and I jumped out of the car in my underpants, went to get a hot bath, and Zhenka, releasing the puppy, started pulling off his wet clothes.
Opening the taps, I went out to the hall and intercepted him halfway to the stairs to the second floor.
“Let’s warm up,” I took his hand and pulled him along.
– dim sum.
“We’ll just sit in the bath,” I interrupted Zhenka.
– And there will be nothing more.
True, the bath is small.
– So I knew.
I and my father do not like soaking for a long time, so we have only one bath.
The usual average trough.
Zhenka first got into the bath and looked at me intensely.
“Spread your legs, otherwise I have nowhere to sit,” I pulled off my underpants and walked over to him.
“Just don’t say that you have only one bath in the house,” the driver doubted, but he fulfilled my request.
– One, you can check – I sat between his thighs.
– You hate me? – No, Dim.
I thought a lot about all this.
Maybe it is for the best that everything happened so. Real amateur hidden camera sex.

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